What makes us embrace the ‘single’ life all year EXCEPT Valentine’s Day?

“Oh, my gosh!  I hate Valentine’s Day because I do not have a significant other.”  One of the many common quotes you hear from single folks on Valentine’s Day.  These comments make me wonder a couple of things: 1) Why are people so cynical? 2) What makes Valentine’s Day so different from any other holiday?

Addressing my first point; I believe people get far too cynical around Valentine’s Day.  I would like to provide a reality check – you do not need a significant other to feel loved/cared for on Valentine’s Day (or any other holiday).  I think we should all value the friendships we have made, the families who have supported us and the wonderful futures that surely lie ahead.

Even if you do not think you have many friends or a lot of family support, I bet there is at least one person who has helped you get to where you are and valued you, for you.   I am by no means against relationships, but I do not think that relationships, or lack thereof, should define us.

Furthermore, why not take the opportunity to let others know how great you think they are instead of wallowing in self-pity waiting for someone to express their appreciation for you?  I will tell you what, there is nothing as awesome as knowing that you probably made someone’s day by simply being honest and letting them know you think they rock!

Secondly, what makes Valentine’s Day different from any other holiday like New Year’s where everyone wants to get that “New Year’s Smooch?”    I do not hear nearly as much complaining during New Year’s or any other holiday.   What makes us embrace the “single” life all year EXCEPT for in February?  Sure, people will blame Hallmark and how the holiday has been commercialized, but I think that people just like complaining.

I think that the best way to express my thoughts is to take a quote from the movie “The Wedding Date”: “You are only as single as you want to be.”  Meaning, if you wanted a significant other really badly you would have gone and asked the person who was running across your mind.  While this may be intimidating, just remember, the worst that people can say is no.

Now, you might think because I am a female I do not know anything about “doing the asking,” but on the contrary, I do.  Junior and senior prom I asked my date.  The best part is we are still friends and can talk about what a great experience it was.   If I see someone who I find remotely interesting, I try to initiate the conversation.  You can ask my best friend and my roommate from last year; they were witnesses to multiple occasions. So, you are only as single as you want to be.

In summary, stop your wallowing!  Let those you care about know how much they rock and don’t think of Valentine’s Day differently than you would any other holiday.  You are awesome, your friends are awesome and your family is awesome.  THERE IS SO MUCH AWESOMENESS.   HOW CAN YOU BE SAD OR GRUMPY WITH SO MUCH AWESOMENESS?! Embrace the awesomeness.

Till next time, stay classy BG.

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