You might be an RA if …

If you walk the long way to class so that you can walk with a resident and get to know him or her more, you might be an RA.

If you intend to have a relaxing night, but you actually stay up until 6 a.m. because someone needs your help, you might be an RA.

If you find yourself wondering how you do it all and sometimes stress about your life, you might be an RA.

If you strive to make someone else’s college experience superb, you might be an RA.

People often ask me why I decided to become an RA, especially now that the RA Application for 2012-2013 is available.  Yes, it requires time management, missing sleep and time away from friends, family and homework.

However, I can honestly say that this is a job I truly enjoy.  Despite the many sacrifices, I get to use my natural abilities to help someone else’s college journey be manageable and enjoyable.

It is for these reasons that I encourage all students to find something that they enjoy (like being an RA) and immerse themselves in it.   I believe that by doing so, you will be able create a support system that will help you through thick and thin.  You will have an escape for when your realities become a little too real.  Heck, you will have something to do with your spare time.

So, I say go for it. (But you should probably make sure you have some time to yourself … trust me.  You will go crazy without downtime.)  I know being busy helps me have better time management (usually).

This brings up another point. It is OK to be afraid.  It is OK to be afraid to try new things and it is OK to be afraid of failure, but do everything you can and try not to let it consume you.  That is why you will need you combination of downtime and an amazing activity.  For me, being an RA has allowed me to connect with others, but I try to make sure I do what I want every now and then.  So give it shot, if nothing else, at least you can say that you tried.

Here’s the application,


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