Sings the blues in Week 2

The second week of fall semester is in full swing.  Whether you’re new to Bowling Green or you’re a returning student, you’re probably still trying to shake yourself out of “summer mode.”  I know I am.  It is such a shock to my system to wake up at 7 a.m. for 8:30 classes after months of sleeping indulgently (there isn’t enough coffee in the world).   

As you kick off the new week, you might find yourself a little stressed.  Maybe you forgot how to get to East Hall, or you were late to class and then forgot your BG1 card, locked your keys inside your dorm room, bought the wrong math textbook (for $80 more than it was really worth) and fell asleep in GSW.  I feel for you.  We’ll just call it the “week two blues.”
I was new to Bowling Green last year, so if you’re new to this crazy thing called college, I can offer you a few reassuring words.  First, everyone is homesick, even if they vehemently deny it.  On move-in day last year, as my parents helped me get situated in Harshman, my roommate broke down and starting crying.  I exchanged concerned looks with my parents.  I was pretty happy to finally be on my own, and they didn’t seem too sad to get rid of me!  Later the same weekend, as I was trying to navigate campus, I spontaneously broke down crying, too.  I was stressed, homesick, and helplessly lost, walking in bewildered circles around the Union.  If you’re homesick, look to your left and your right.  Everyone else is, too. 

This week might be challenging for several reasons.  First, your classes are starting to speed up.  You’re cracking open your textbooks.  Your professors are assigning homework.  Fortunately, it’s easier to stay on top of your classes than you think.  Invest in a day planner and check your Blackboard and student e-mail regularly and you’ll survive. 

Second, ask for directions if you find yourself hopelessly lost (and thereby late to all of your classes); don’t be embarrassed.  You can pick up a map in the Union, too.  Whatever problems you run into this week, try to remember two things: you’re not the first person to lose your ________ (key, syllabus, ID card, mind), and you don’t have to look too far to find help.  RAs, hall directors, professors, other staff, and upperclassmen can all be quick, knowledgeable resources.  Trust me I can’t count how many times I came to my RA for advice.  I asked a construction worker for directions once, too (they’re everywhere … why not?)
I’ll leave you with one last bit of good news.   This upcoming weekend is a three-day weekend.  We don’t get too many of these, so take advantage of it.  Sleep in, do homework, call your parents.  Good luck in your classes this week, Falcons!

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