The Roommate by Caitlyn

So, I am sure that at this point we have all seen the preview for that new horror movie, “The Roommate.”  You know, the one where this girl Sara gets a random roommate, Rebecca, who seems nice and they start off as friends. But then Rebecca ends up being totally psycho and obsessive, and starts to target people in Sara’s life. Yeah, that movie! Well… I am here to say that is generally not how the random roommate process ends up!

Since I am from out of state and didn’t know a single soul when I came to BG, I ended up signing up for a random roommate.  Well, my roommate and I are polar opposites, especially our personalities.   She is really shy, loves TV, enjoys solitude, a little messy (but who isn’t in such a crammed space?!) and generally rather quiet.  I’m really…not.  So, you might think that we clash about everything and can’t agree but seriously, it’s not all bad. We only tried to kill each other during the first week…just kidding!

My roommate and I have disagreements, but we are able to talk them out like mature adults and find a middle ground.  She knows that if I dislike something, I will tell her and vice versa.  Not the worst situation, right? I have a friend who also has an unfortunate roommate situation and their lifestyle choices are beyond polar opposite. Gossip worthy, really.  But they are in the same boat! They try to talk things out and usually find some way to deal. However, let’s be real. How often are you in your dorm? Mostly to sleep, so minor differences will not cause an earthquake.

If there is ever an issue and you truly cannot stand your roommate, you can talk to your RA! Part of an RA’s job is to make sure the residents are happy and if there are any conflicts, they are there to help settle differences and if that includes switching rooms, so be it. So, random roommates are not the worst. Besides knowing people who are not huge fans of their roomie, I know people who are now best friends with their roomie! In reality, anything is possible. I just hope that we can all be realistic; living in a college dorm with a roommate is NOT a horror movie. It is more like a dramatic comedy, if anything.

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