An Out of State Perspective by Caitlyn

“I AM GOING TO COLLEGE!” There is no greater thrill than realizing that it is your time to go to college.  Friends, fun and a chance to get away.  However, I think that most incoming college freshman don’t realize that college is not all sunshine and rainbows. It is work, a full time job.  Yet, I still love college, love being away from home and consequently, BG has almost become my home away from home.

When I came to BG, I thought that I was just ready to leave my family and my old life in Nevada behind, at least for a little while. I thought that traveling (approx.) 2,500 miles would be easy as cake. But in all honesty, saying goodbye to my parents those few days before school started was one of the hardest things I ever had to do.  Realizing that I am truly on my own and can’t go home if I get sick or want to relax would not be possible anymore. Yet, this thought was almost exciting.

School started and I was completely shocked at how much work college was. I worked hard in high school, always had good grades, took AP classes and everything went swimmingly! But now I always had assignments to do and even if I finished what was assigned, there was still more to do. I had to learn to manage my time and my priorities. I don’t say this to scare anyone but rather to make a point- college is not what you expect. Prepare for the unexpected.

So college is a scary experience, we have established that. But in reality, it’s not all bad! I do love college and the challenge, so now I should probably mention the things that have impressed as an out of state student.  First, the professors.  The professors at BG are beyond helpful.  I adore the fact that they are completely willing to take time out of their day to help me understand something that isn’t entirely clear or if I just want to make myself known to them.  I also love the chance to meet all kinds of new people.  One of the best things that I have done since coming to BG was letting myself be open to new people, activities and not being afraid to throw myself into the experience.  Speaking of experiences, I LOVE HOCKEY! We don’t have hockey in Nevada and I got to go to my first hockey game here in BG and let me tell you, that is something worth going to.

I guess that overall I want to give readers and prospective students a list of things to remember when you are at college.

1)     Don’t be afraid. Everyone is just as scared as you are, no matter where they are from.

2)     College is work. Don’t be afraid of a little hard work. If you get your work done, there is always time for play.

3)     Meet your professors.  In the end, they are some of the most influential people you will meet here at BG.

4)     Let yourself be involved. Immerse yourself in a new culture, meet new people and don’t be afraid to throw yourself out there.  These next four years are about you. This is the only time you get to be that selfish and think so much about yourself.

5)     Find what you like and get involved.

6)     If you do this, you will be on fire about college and BG as much as I am.


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