Meal Plan Diminished by Demetrius

$1,475.00 – that was where I started with funds for my meal plan at the beginning of the semester on August 20, 2010. As of October 27, 2010 I had a balance of 2.62 dollars. Hmmm…problem…YES!

I have learned such a huge lesson about how to maintain a meal plan so I don’t run out again..EVER. Here’s the plan, listen closely… Don’t be dumb and go to the Sundial every day.. about four times a day. And don’t spend more than $10 at once in Outtakes.

There, that’s what I learned. I was so upset the day I swipped my card and they said, “Oh I’m sorry, its coming up insufficient funds!” Even though I was expecting it, it hurt to hear it. I mean, could this be real? There is no way I ate that much food in like two months…and not only that…I have lost weight.

So I am still alive here on November 30, 2010, and I am hungry.  I have been surviving off pizza bought by my roommate or myself…or the call home to grandma for her credit card numbers so she could buy. My grandma got me a lot of soup, but I don’t think she knows that I actually despise soup if it is not good cheeseburger soup or something. I have some money on my credit card, so I guess I will just go to the Dial and get something light…but in all honesty, I WANT TO PIG OUT..but I won’t.  SO …when you come to college…don’t be silly with your food money because it is something to be treasured. Ha.

Love, Meech (:

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