Thankful Thanksgiving by Demetrius

Geeze I wouldn’t be able to tell you how thankful I was for Thanksgiving this year. It was exactly what I needed. I was just overly stressed, sleep deprived and I am pretty sure I started speaking in tongues because I was hallucinating – I did not think any one person’s life could be so busy.

Since break was coming up, some teachers want to take it easy on you … and then there are the other ones – the ones who want to pile as much on your plate as possible. UGH…NO GOOD!!! Well I had a mixture of the two and it wasn’t so bad, but when my foot touched ground on my front porch it was like the Hallelujah angels came down and sang Messiah in my ears. I hurried and put up all my luggage, and scurried to give my grammy a hug, and then sprinted to fridge for some good ol’ grammy’s cooking. I do say that was a good game plan.

The feeling of sleeping in your own bed after not even touching your sheets for about two and a half months  is indescribable. I would have never thought the smell of my musk in a bed was as heavenly as it was. Then…THE BEST DAY OF ALL…THANKSGIVING DAY rolled around and I was like a kid in a candy store with pockets full of money!

I got  to my cousin’s house for the family dinner, and I had plates of the mountainous type, dumped it all in my mouth and went for the same size portion for seconds. I was no joke on that day. Then…HIGH SCHOOL FRIEND REUNION THE NEXT DAY!!!! OY! It was just a frenzy of a good time. Who woulda thought, right??

I was so happy because after being away from home I really became thankful for a lot. I now honestly realize what I have, and what I just can’t do without. So there that is..BE THANKFUL, PEOPLE…you never know what you’ll miss one day!

Love, Meech (:

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