Getting Sick at School by Rebecca

The emergency room wasn’t something I had any experience with in the past. That is, until last week. Last week, the girls’ wing of my floor had three girls go to the ER! I say that that’s three too many. It’s crazy to think that that many people got hurt/sick in such a short period of time. Two of them even went on the same day. I’m really hoping I’m not next in line…

I think people need to be more careful. A lot of the girls that are sick aren’t sleeping enough, and that can really contribute to a suppressed immune system. When you’re in a dorm and you’re living in close quarters with a lot of people, a healthy immune system is really vital. Take your vitamins, get sleep and try to stay as stress free as possible (I know, I know. It’s college and it’s hard to do all of these things).

Now that I’m done with my “mommy lecture” I want to talk a little about scheduling. Today I got to schedule my classes for next semester. It was kind of stressful worrying about whether or not I’d be able to get the classes that I wanted, but I got into all of them, though it took a little bit of arrangement. Meeting with your adviser is key in college. I knew what classes I needed to take weeks in advance, which gave me an opportunity to plan out a few potential schedules so that I had a backup if I needed it. Luckily I didn’t, I just moved two classes in my original plan. I’m definitely a planner and that really helped when it came down to scheduling. Keep that in mind.

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