Shower Lesson by Teresa

So, I wake up about an hour before class (as usual) and I say to my roommate, “I’m going to take a shower. Are you going to be here or do I have to bring my keys with me to get back into the room?”  She says, “I’m going to be here” and I say, “Okay, then I’m not bringing my keys.” 

So I go shower and I get into my towel and walk back to the room (we don’t live far from the showers) and go to open the door, and alas, it’s locked!  I knock . . . she’s not there.  I knock next door (in my towel still) and Sarah says she hasn’t seen her!  I knock across the hall . . . nothing! I start panicking. I have about 20 minutes until class, I’m in only my underwear and a towel in the middle of the hallway without my keys and my roommate is nowhere to be seen! My friend Bryan sees me and asks what’s wrong. After I tell him, he goes on a roommate-search. After about 15 minutes he finds her in the food court with this guy Matt.  She comes back and thinks it’s the funniest thing in the world that I’ve been standing there, half-naked, for 15 minutes while I am crying and panicked and don’t find it funny at all.  She lets me in and says, “Matt came and asked me to come get food and he was just really persuasive.”  At the time, this was not funny at all. But now, it’s pretty hilarious to think about. BUT I learned two very important lessons: ALWAYS bring clothes to the shower and NEVER leave without your keys!

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