So Close by Demetrius

Today was the first official day of the school year. Classes began, everyone was on campus and things were in FULL motion. I’ve only had two classes so far today, and I’m already feeling the pressure. My teachers are nice, funny, energetic, vibrant (ya know: all of the things we want our high school teachers to be like). However, their amazing personalities cannot hide the fact that I will be doing a truckload of homework for them. At this point, college is slapping me in the face, I’m hungry and worst of all – I am severely homesick.

Home for me is only an hour away so you would think I would be okay. But, I’M NOT! I miss the ones I love so much and I know if I could just see them once a week I would be okay. Well, if that were so I wouldn’t really learn how to be on my own, would I? So while crying in my room and talking to my grandmother at the same time, I realize I am just gonna have to deal with the occasional teardrop, or the flutter of the heart that says, “Home is calling.”

I suppose what I must do is put my life in perspective, as should all college students. Keeping your priorities straight is key in making it successfully in this crazy world. I guess I must realize I will always have home, it will be there for me, but right now I have to focus on creating a future for myself and making sure I am successful.

Love, Meech!

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