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Vidya Nalawade

I know, this topic seems to be obscure… But this is a very important thing which you have to remember if you are roaming anywhere in the USA. My international friends keep in mind that your Passport and Visa are your heartbeats in another country. So be sure that you have proper documentation with you. I have seen many people have issues due to problems with the passport or other important documents like the I -20. “Correct Spelling of the Name” MATTERS, believe me, and all documents must have the same spelling.

You will say, “I know this Vidya, do you think I am a child?” But, let me tell you, when I first came to the U.S., I did not know that I have to carry my photo ID everywhere. I do remember one incident; I went to a bar with my friends to just hang out. At the entrance of the bar, there was a big, scary MAN similar to the one which I saw in the English movies. He stopped all of us and asked for photo ID showing proof of my age. And, unfortunately I did not know this and hence I did not have my ID with me. So I had to come back HOME L. After that incident, I started carrying my passport with me for the time being. Then I applied for a SSN and State ID  — it is similar to the  PAN card in INDIA. This is the proof of your Identity in the USA.  But don’t worry, University CIP (Center for international programs) will definitely help you with all these things. They even took all international students to the SSN office to complete the applications.

I hope now it makes sense, why I said… “Who are you?  Show me your Photo ID…” Because if you are in trouble or need help this will be the first question by the Police,  any employee, or whoever is in charge.  They want to see your identification card with a picture.  Now days they even check your photo IDs in the banks, as well, to make sure no one else can access your money.  So one small but important suggestion… take your ID EVERYWHERE with you … and have proper documents prepared before entering the USA.


Vidya Nalawade

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