Football vs. Soccer by Vidya


Vidya Nalawade

This is the month for FIFA… FIFA is in air…

People here will tell you one basic thing, “Football is not football, it is in fact Soccer.” If you are an international student, then this makes more sense, because since childhood, Soccer has been named as football for you. But if you are coming to the USA, then you have to keep in mind that, if someone is talking about “Football” then it is different J that is American Football, which is not at all related or even similar to football J Soccer!

In most countries, usually soccer is called football, even FIFA is ‘Federation of International Football Associations.’ But, in the USA it is called “Soccer.” The American football is different and a very important and popular game in the US.

You must be saying, “Why you are telling me this?” But, I assure you that this will definitely help you. Simple reason J because when you say football, people expect you to talk about the NFL and American football.  I always got corrected by my classmates and professors, so I thought of letting you know. I know this is a pretty small thing. But if you think, there are many small things which are ambiguous and sometimes funny. For example, in the USA, temperature is measured in Fahrenheit vs Celsius in other countries. And one most important thing is, in the Supermarket, things are weighed in Pounds and not in Kilograms. Trust me, it is small but very important because it will always confuse you, so better to be prepared, right?  So keep these small things in mind and start packing… J



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