Attention Parents! by Vidya


Vidya Nalawade

Till now I was writing blogs for my friends, students or future students. But today I thought of writing something for parents.  I know your kid is coming or planning to come to the U.S.  Now he is planning to leave his home to conquer his dreams! Lots of you, must be worried regarding how things will turn out for him or her. But trust me, things will be perfectly fine. I am saying this because they turned out pretty good for me and also for other current students.

The first thing you should always keep in mind is that your son/daughter deserves to be there. In today’s competitive world, it is really hard to get an admission, as there is so much competition. In those thousands of applications, s/he got selected so s/he must be smart enough and also talented. So, the first important thing you have to do is to give  SUPPORT.

The second thing is TRUST. I know most of the mothers must be worried about their kid and have questions like, How will he stay alone? What will he eat? There is no one to take care of him!  So many questions… I know this, because my mom was also worried about these things. But you know something?  I am glad that I am out of my shell.  I learned and experienced so many different things and met so many different people that now I am more confident. It helped me to grow as a good and responsible person. And most important, I learned to value my family.  When I was in India, I barely talked to my dad. Also, I kept on fighting with my brother and boyfriend. But now, I miss them so much and also those fights as well. Being away from them helped me to know the importance of the people in my life.

So, trust your kid, s/he will be just fine and also will learn and experience so many things which will help him/her to grow as an individual.  Dear parents, you have to just trust your son/daughter and support them in their decision. Your kid is now grown up and can make his own decisions. Now, he needs a friend with whom he can share his feelings and also take advice from you, if needed.  So stop being torturing mom and dad, and be good friends and help them when they need you the most.


Vidya Nalawade.

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