Summer School by Anna

As an incoming freshman, I thought it would be best to take some summer courses, just to get my feet wet before the actual school year. My first six-week class I only took French, which started at 11 and ended at 12:30, so it was not too painful to wake up for, and barely takes up much of your day. Mainly discussion, the class is very engaged in the readings, which is a great way for me personally to learn. It was a pretty easy going class, with only four quizzes that could be easily Aced as long as you had a grip on the material. As the first 6 weeks came to an end, I reflected on the class and realized that I’m really glad I took the route of doing summer session. The class was just so chilled. The second 6-week session now seems like a plateful, with my classes consisting of psychology, ethics, and sociology, but so far so good! I just finished the first week and I am still alive and breathing– a major plus. At times I’m afraid I’m in a bit over my head, but I know as long as I apply myself I’ll be fine. Overall, I’m really loving the summer session and I’m glad I made the choice to do it. Honestly though, my advice to anyone willing to take it; take a summer class. It doesn’t have to be like crazy me and do a full-time student deal. But maybe take one or two, and then you’ll have space in the fall for a class that you really want, or even a break from classes.

More soon,

Anna 🙂

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