The BIG Decision by Vidya


Vidya Nalawade

“Confidence is nothing but the trust your loved ones show in you and we trust you.

“ My mom’s sentence kept on coming in my mind when I entered into the USA. That was the big day of my life although I was one of the thousands students who come to the USA for study. Still I was so proud of myself and also scared. This was the first time I was out of my comfort zone. I was worried about the education system, people, Language, Study, class, friends, apartment, food, professors and so many other things. But trust me guys if you are planning to study in Bowling Green then I can assure you that you will be fine. This place is perfect for students. It does not have many distractions; all facilities are nearby, maybe half an hour drive at most. All international stores you will find in nearby Toledo. BGSU is having a big campus. It was amazing, first time in my life I saw this big university with these many facilities. It will sound funny but I used to take map wherever I go for first few days.

After spending few days in BG I started realizing this is the place where I wanted to study where I get quality education, professors are so helpful and we have so many facilities. BG library is one of my favorite places. I studied on the 7th floor of the library for every exam and assignment. The other best place to hang out and study or have a group meeting or to sleep J is the Student Union (cafeteria) it is like a living room for me.

I know it is a lot to adjust here; the first important thing is language then food J and then the culture. The funny thing is everyone here greets to even unknown person. On the first day I was not sure why people are smiling at me and asking “how are you?” but not even waiting for the answer. Then I found out it is just a way to greet, it was quite impressive, polite and friendly.

Luckily I was having friend who was studying here in BG so things went pretty good at start. For first few days, I was just lost in this University and I was also scared of so many things. However, after some time I realized there is nothing to be scared of if you really want to do something in life you just have to go for it and you will find a way.

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