EZ Mac by Teresa

Teresa Lotz

Would you like some good advice for on-campus living?

ALWAYS PUT WATER IN YOUR EZ MAC!!! One day, in the midst of working on homework, and reading, and studying, I made the silly mistake of forgetting to fill the EZ mac container with water first. About two minutes later, the whole hall smelt like burnt noodles!  I didn’t live down the nickname of “EZ mac” for another two years!

Some other on-campus cooking advice?  Always be sure to cut your bagels evenly or else you might get one half stuck in the toaster, be unable to pull it out of the toaster, and not quite figure out how to turn the toaster off – – – and all of this could potentially lead to the fire alarm being set off . . . I’m not speaking from personal experience or anything!

I lied. I am.  But only once!  Learn your basic microwaving and toasting skills prior to college. It’ll save you nicknames and angry Sun Dial customers!!


Teresa J. Lotz

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