Summer Blues

summer bluesAs my freshman year here at Bowling Green comes to an end, my friends and I have come across a huge dilemma: how do we spend the summer apart? We’ve spent every waking moment together over the past 8 months and now we are forced to be separated for 4 months. We saw it coming all along, but now reality is hitting us like the BG wind.

It’s going to be quite an adjustment to eat meals by myself. I’m so used to picking up my phone and sending a quick text to our group message whenever I’m hungry and instantly finding a lunch date. Speaking of dates, or lack-of therefore, who’s going to make those late-night runs down to Outtakes to binge on Ben and Jerry’s with me?

What am I supposed to do on Saturday afternoons? Usually we spend the day lounging around, eating good food, playing random card games, and watching cheesy movies together. Granted I’ll probably be doing these activities throughout the summer, but it won’t be the same because I won’t have the same people by my side, encouraging me to eat another Oreo.

It will be very strange to return back to friends and family that won’t understand our “lingo.” All of our inside jokes and random catch phrases won’t mean the same things back at home. In fact, I’ll probably get some super fun stares because what normal person continues on for five minutes creating hypotheticals out of the current situation? (Yes, my friends and I spend our time doing this and yes, it makes us laugh uncontrollably)

Sure, we can sit here and make empty promises that we’ll come visit each other, but is that really realistic? Honestly, with work, graduation parties, and our own friends and family from home, it probably isn’t. Fortunately, I take comfort in the fact that next fall is going to be one happy homecoming.

Yes, I’m excited to get away from the classrooms, assignments, projects, and exams. I’m ready to be back with my family and be able to sleep in my own room. I’m excited to see my friends from home again, but I’m not ready to leave the friends who have made Bowling Green my new home.—Colleen

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