Returning Home

home-is-not-a-place-its-a-feeling-quote-1For so many years, students around the globe have experienced the dreaded it’s-Sunday-night-and-I-have-school-tomorrow feeling right before returning after a long-awaited break. A lot of times, this very feeling has prevented countless students from making the most out of the few hours of freedom that remain. Students spend their last stress-free evening moping around their house and trying not to think about the difficult semester just around the corner. For the past twelve years, I could identify with these sulking students. That is, until I made BGSU my home.

Coming back to college is definitely different than going back to high school. Starting classes again during college is exciting. Not only is it an easy way to meet new people, but it is an awesome way to learn more about your major. In college, most of your classes appeal to your interests and are applicable to life after graduation. If you’re a biology major, you’ll be diving into the life of a cell instead of learning about the productions possibilities curve. Hopefully, your major is something that peaks your interest and your classes that apply to it will too.

Sure, some may say that school is school. No matter what, you’re going to have homework, assignments, papers, and exams, however if you’re studying what you love in a place that you love, it definitely makes a difference. Studying isn’t so bad when you’re learning about mitosis (or whatever you’re interested in). Doing homework isn’t so bad when you just grabbed some grub with a couple of friends beforehand. Writing a paper isn’t so bad when you look out the window of the library and are reminded of how much you love Bowling Green.

Not only that, but this year, as I returned to BGSU after winter break, I was super excited to see my new friends again. While I was home, I realized that my friends and family from home didn’t understand the experiences, laughs, and inside jokes that I had made with my friends, and now family, from college. I was anxious to get back to the new relationships that I had found and create new memories with them.

This year, instead of dreading the week ahead of me, I spent my Sunday dreaming about what this semester might have in store for me and packing up to head back home.

— Colleen, life loving freshman.

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