Biggest BG regret: Not attending many sporting events

As a senior in college I find myself reflecting back on the past three and a half years and the memories I have made.

I am happy to say that I have done a lot with my time here from getting involved on campus with organizations, joining a sorority, meeting new people to taking advantage of all the opportunities within my major.

The memories and friendships I have made so far will last a lifetime and I am so grateful for that.

However, there are some things that I regret not doing from the very beginning of my college experience.

One of those regrets is not going to enough BGSU sporting events like football games, basketball games, hockey games and any other sporting events.

Don’t get me wrong, I made it to a few homecoming football games and I went to one hockey game, but I wish my school spirit would not have ended there.

I remember thinking my freshman year that there was always next semester or next year to go to more games, but as my last semester is quickly coming to an end, I’m realizing that my time here at BGSU is limited.

I wish that I would have gone to more sporting events, had more school spirit and had more memories cheering on my school.

Not only are sporting events a great way to make everlasting memories, they are a great opportunity to meet new people, not to mention they are really fun.

I think taking advantage of any and every BGSU sporting event, as well as getting involved in a few organizations, is always a great idea.

My advice is to do as much as possible with your free time here at Bowling Green State University because before you know it … you will only have memories.

With my last semester here at BG, I promised myself I would make an effort to attend more BGSU sporting events, as well as attend Greek Weekend and intramural events.

So next time you hear about a sporting event that all of your friends are going to, don’t hesitate to join them. Now is the time to make the most out of your college experience and enjoy the time you have here at Bowling Green State University because, believe me, time flies by.

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