Honors student says classmates help her relax during Finals Week

Finals week … a blur of note cards, coffee, computer screens, clocks reading 3:04 a.m., more coffee and complete exhaustion.

I wish I could say that as an honors student, I’ve figured out how to avoid becoming overwhelmed during finals week. Sadly, that isn’t true.

The past few weeks of the semester are packed with projects and papers from every class. By the time the week of finals comes around, it hits you all at once that you actually need to study on top of all of the other things that your classes demand.

Though not the most ideal way to spend the week, I’ve found that late nights/early mornings at “the oh-so-popular Club Jerome, a.k.a. the library, is a key part of finals week.”

Club Jerome is the place to be during finals week. Even when you’re starting to get blurry vision from not enough sleep and too much small print, it’s oddly comforting to look around the library tables and see that everyone is in the same half-conscious state that you are.

Some people find it hard to study with others, but I’ve found that it’s helpful just to be in the same room as someone else who has just as much work as you do. In the Honors College, you have a lot of your classes with the same people, meaning you have the same exams to study for.

Going to the lounge or the seventh floor of the library with someone in your classes is a great way to be productive while also keeping up your social interactions.

It becomes very easy not to have conversations with people during finals week because everyone is so worried about their own problems, but studying with someone can help keep up a healthy routine of talking to someone other than the barista at Starbucks.

Finals week gets the best of all of us. It’s a killer; however, when it’s over, there’s nothing like it!

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