Introvert finds her niche by trying new things

To make the most of your college experience, you should get involved.

I heard this piece of advice from a lot of staff and students when I was new to BGSU. Eager to meet new people, I took it to heart.

I got my college experience off to a good start when I joined a learning community, where I met a lot of great students.

I started going with new friends to campus organizations like my residence hall council, BGSU Figure Skating Club and Veritas, a club for Catholic students.

Soon, I found myself running for my hall council’s executive board and later, pledging a service fraternity.

These undertakings were new experiences for an introvert like me, but they quickly proved to be a ton of fun.

If I could offer advice to new students, it would be to get your feet wet.

Try new, unusual things — Japanese club, a youth group, a Greek group— expand your horizons!

I was initially concerned that it could be tough to balance campus involvement with coursework and other responsibilities.

So how can you make time to get involved? Start small!

Think about nights of the week when you’re usually free and look for organizations that fit your schedule.

Once you find a match, go to a meeting to get an idea of whether it’s something you like.

And this final tip is so important: Don’t limit yourself to things you’re already good at.

Not a juggler? Join the juggling club! Though that may sound counter-intuitive, it will be worth it.

You can learn new skills and meet people who you may have never otherwise met.

I’ve tried everything from rock-climbing, yoga, “Just Dance” (I was awful!), midnight fundraisers and designing floats with organizations on campus.

All of my experiences have enhanced my time at college, and I know I will miss them when I graduate. Don’t miss out — get involved!

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