What must you do during summer in BG? Here is a bucket list

After having been at BGSU for three years, including two summers, I can officially say my summers at BGSU are always better!

My first summer (after freshman year), I went home and worked as a lifeguard.  Forty hours a week, I sat outside and got sunburnt on a daily basis.  I sat in puddles of sweat and lived for free at my parents’ house.  I crossed off each day on my calendar waiting for the day I could finally move back to BGSU.

Around September of my sophomore year, I knew I wanted to be at BGSU for the summer, so I began looking into job opportunities and apartments.  I got my job as an Orientation Leader and by the end of spring semester, I had a roommate and was starting my new job.

That summer made me love BGSU even more than I already did.  During Opening Weekend 2011, I left on Sunday to go on GeoJourney.  I even cried when I left.  I was leaving all of my BGSU summer friends and going on this crazy camping trip with no technology to keep in touch.  That day, I realized I wanted another chance to finish the ENTIRE summer (even if I only missed one day).

Fall semester on GeoJourney was AMAZING!!  I do not regret going on the trip.  Each new place we went had a new experience, a new adventure and a new lesson to be learned.  While on the trip, I applied to be an Orientation Team Leader (a step up from being an Orientation Leader).  The supervisors worked well with me so I could do a phone interview instead of personal interview.  A few weeks later, I accepted the position and knew I would have another summer in BG!

I finished junior year and I am experiencing one of my last summers in BG! (I might still live in BG next summer).  Summer living in BG is AWESOME.  Even though we live in the middle of a cornfield, there is always something to do. Here is my list:

The Quarry:  The Auarry is a giant pond with imported sand. Many BGSU students flock there when it’s hot outside.  It is fun and there is always someone new to meet.  Plus, it only costs $5!!!

Enclave Pool:  If you are looking for an alternative and more adventurous route, you can always try the Enclave or Falcon’s Pointe pools.  They are much smaller, but are free to use (if you are a resident).

Food: BG has so many places to eat, and most of them are local.  Each night there is some new type of special or wing night, etc.  Some of my favorites:  El Zarape, Bar Louie (in Perrysburg), Reverend’s, City Tap, South Side 6.

Ice Cream:  There are a few places to get ice cream in BG.  Coldstone is toward the highway, but few people go here because it is more expensive and you don’t get as much ice cream.  Myles Dairy Queen is great.  The servers give you an incredible amount of ice cream for a low price.  Another hidden gem is Sundae Station.  It is driving or biking distance away, but has cheap prices and healthy alternatives.  Sundae Station has a low-calorie yogurt that is really good and funnel cake fries.  Explore your options and try them all!

Small:  You are probably wondering what the Small is.  In BG, there is the Woodland Mall; however, it has about three stores and is a small mall, so all the students call it the “Small” for short.  The best part about the Small is the movie theater.  It is only $3 for a daytime showing on Tuesday/Thursday.  The maximum the Small gets is for a 3D movie at night, which is around $6.50.  Not bad.  I probably go once a week to see a movie.

Slippery Elm Trail:  Out on Sandridge Road, there is a bike bath that runs to North Baltimore, 13 miles south of BG.  It’s a great place for a walk, run or bike ride.  It’s very smooth and you can even find wild raspberries growing! Yummy.

My advice to you:  Spend at least one summer in BG.  Even if you aren’t making as much as you would at home, you are living a great experience with great friends.  I have enjoyed my two summers here already and hopefully I can spend another one here next year.


Until Next Time BG,


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