A day in the life of … a communication sciences and disorders student (who is disorganized)

You would think that by this time, I would have things together. Really, though. After seven semesters of college, I should be totally organized. I should be walking into class on the first day with all my books in my perfectly cleaned out backpack. I should have fresh highlighters, not the old, dried out ones from sophomore year. I should have a color coded agenda book and immediately write out the quiz and test dates after I received each syllabus on the first day of class. I should have gotten up early on the first day, dressed in a nice sweater that I received during Christmas break and eaten a healthy breakfast.

So tell me, why did I decide to skip the whole “dressing up” plan in order to sleep a couple extra minutes? Why did I leave only enough time to grab a Pop-Tart before heading to class? Why did I order my books the day before class? Did I really expect them to land on my doorstep overnight?

You would think that this is the life of every college student. Well, if you are thinking that, you are not a communication sciences and disorders student. I fully expect when I walk into my classes that at least 10 of my classmates have already started the first reading for the day. I am not at all surprised when someone asks about the final exam date at the beginning of the first class. Why is this? Well, it needs to be said that generally, students who are majoring in communication sciences and disorders have Type A personalities. Some of the characteristics a Type A might have are being extremely organized, very time conscious, extremely driven and aggressive and basically go-getters. This being said, home girl (me) is a Type B. I am pretty go-with-the-flow, relaxed and have the mindset that “ehh, things always get done!”

For a while, I thought there was no way I could survive as a CDIS (shortened version of communication disorders) major. After all, I had just one folder that housed all of my assignments for three different classes! I was a wreck compared to all of my classmates. But every time I have this thought, I tell myself to stop. Breathe. If you are feeling totally stressed out already, JOIN ME! I remember that comparing myself to others in my program accomplishes nothing. Sure, I may be up a couple extra nights, doing assignments that if only I had written down I would have remembered. But then again, everything always gets done, right?

So, for all of you Type B personalities out there, you are not alone!! You will make it through just fine. This being said, I still strive to be organized. I start every year with a fresh agenda book, only to succeed in filling it out for the first two weeks. What I am trying to say is, try to stay on top of things as much as you can. But, if you fall short, don’t beat yourself up. And to all you Type A personalities, try to be as kind and loving as my classmates. Be ready to share your pen with my fellow Type Bs. They will forever be your best friends.

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