You’ll pay the price if you don’t apply for scholarships

One thing I appreciate about BGSU is all the scholarships they have to offer.  Start looking as early as possible because there are so many to apply for.  Many high schools have scholarships as well.  APPLY FOR EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM.  I just got an email showing how much money I have racked up in student loans, and let’s just say it isn’t pretty.

I didn’t apply for many scholarships in high school.  I was “so over” senior year and just wanted to be done.  Looking back, I should have done those rather than my homework (not saying you should skip out on homework either).  Once I got to BGSU, I met a few friends who had REALLY AWESOME scholarships.  I’m talking full tuition scholarships.  Why didn’t I look into things like that?!

The Alumni Laureate Scholarship and President’s Leadership Academy are some of the bigger ones that have earlier deadlines.  If you are undecided about BGSU, still apply for them.  You can always turn down a scholarship and/or school.

Currently, I am working on six different scholarships.  Three are due within the next two weeks, and I have yet to start.  Last year, I think I applied for 10 scholarships at BGSU and got two.  Not as many as I had hoped, but the two totaled $2,500! Not a bad chunk of change.  The College of Education scholarship is one of my favorites because filling out one online scholarship makes you eligible for more than 100!

Next year, I am not sure how much money I will get from the government, so I need to take time on my scholarships to ensure that I tried my hardest.  So, my lesson to all of you is to apply for scholarships as early as possible.  The “campus updates” in your email often contain scholarship information.  Why not take some time to make some money and possibly come out of school debt free.  College has been such a great experience but funding it has not been quite as exciting.

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