Judge the semester on effort, not grades

I HAVE DONE IT! EUREKA! I HAVE DONE IT! That’s right, I have just completed the hardest semester of my life.  This got me thinking, how much of the outcome is in our control?

Personally, I do not think that there is a lot in our control.  We can do homework, we can go to class and we can do our best to understand the material.  But in the end, it is often the professor’s discretion to determine if we have put enough effort into the class.  Personally, I find this very discouraging.  I could guarantee you (and so could my peers) if we were graded on the amount of effort and work put into the class, I would surely be valedictorian.

So what does that mean? Does that mean I should work less, stop going to class or stop caring? Absolutely not.   If it were not for college, I would not have great time management.  If it were not for college, I might not have a reason to get out of bed in the mornings.  If it were not for college, I would not have met great people and developed such broad interests.  And if it were not for college, it would be nearly impossible for me to reach my goal of being a dentist.

I like to think that professors notice who is sincerely trying and take that into consideration.  That is why I believe you should do all you can to be successful because in the end, if it doesn’t work out, you can at least say that you did everything to succeed.

So, that means I guess we do have control over one thing – ourselves.  We can decide how to feel and how to act.  Obviously, I am concerned about my outcome this semester, which has never happened to me.  I have never worked hard and had to worry about the outcome.  But thanks to my friends and some great co-RAs, I have recognized that I have done everything in my power to do well.

Now, I get to go home after five months of not seeing my parents, siblings or my dog.  This break is well earned.  Now, regardless of what happens, I will move on to bigger and better things.  Regardless of what happens, I will be a dentist and a fine one at that.  Stay classy BG, I will see you next semester.

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