Finding My Niche by Carla

Back in the first weeks of school, I went to an involvement fair to learn about the organizations on campus.  I was introduced to a wide range of organizations, from Relay for Life to a juggling team to a high-spirited Academic Quiz Team.  I’d been hoping for something relevant to my major, though, so when the heat started to get to me, I gathered up my accumulation of flyers and freebies and went back to my dorm.

Sometime later that week, I wandered up to the fourth floor the Education Building, to the office of the School of Intervention Services.  I asked the receptionist about student organizations for intervention specialist majors.  She told me about a group and gave me an e-mail address to contact.  A couple weeks ago, I got an e-mail from the president of the group.  By luck, it was meeting that night.  This was awesome news to me.  It’s March now—the last half of the last semester—but it’s never too late to join a great organization.

That evening, I headed to Olscamp a little early for the meeting.  I sat down in one of the upstairs lounges and marveled at all of the students who were still here at this hour.  It was nearing 9:00 p.m.  Groups of students were walking through the halls, and noise was pouring from an open door down the hall.  I’d later find out that a Dance Marathon meeting was going on.  If you haven’t heard of Dance Marathon, you will.  It’s an immense organization that benefits a good cause and just bursts with energy.

The Student Council for Exceptional children met a little after nine.  I was welcomed by a group of girls in identical pink shirts and complimentary cookies.  Everyone in this group is an intervention specialist major.  I recognized a couple of them from class and another one of them from church.  We discussed upcoming events like ho-down dances and rock-climbing opportunities and an awesome concept that they called a “Walk and Roll”— similar to a marathon, but fun and accessible for participants with mobility devices.  The group had set tentative dates for the events.  All of them sounded interesting.  I’d found my niche.

Student organizations have great benefits.  They create opportunities to meet students with similar interests.  They’re also useful résumé-builders, and above all, they’re fun.  If you’re new to Bowling Green, or even if you aren’t, I would recommend doing a little research and finding an organization that fits you.  They’re advertised everywhere: flyers around campus, tables at the Union, ‘Campus Updates’, events on Facebook.  I’m excited about the community of intervention specialist majors that I’ve found, and I anticipate a lot of great events with them.  As for the juggling club, or the Academic Quiz Team—I’d have no talent for either (really, you don’t want to see me try to juggle).  I think there is something on this campus for everyone.

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