Keeping Busy by Rebecca

Wow! Have I been busy! I’m really loving second semester so far. I’m really busy, which I see as a good thing. My classes are going well, and I’m counting the days till spring break. (17 in case you’re wondering!) I’m in a learning community, Partners in Context and Community, which is a living and learning community that is housed mainly in Kohl Hall. It is for pre-service teachers who are interested in working in an urban area. I love PCC! I’m super involved in it. It’s nice to have friends who have similar goals. Part of PCC is having 50 hours of field placement every semester.

This semester, I get to spend every Tuesday from 10 – 3 with a group of kindergartners in the Toledo Public School System. I love my students. Today, I was called both Lady Gaga and Michael Jackson within five minutes of each other! It was an interesting day, for certain. I really like my class, and I love this experience because it has totally confirmed for me that kindergarten is exactly where I want to be when I graduate. I have had experience in every grade that I will be certified to teach (except fifth) and so far, kindergarten is absolutely my favorite.

Basically, I think my main point is that you need to get experience in your field, no matter what it is. If you don’t get any experience, then you’ll never know for sure. It’s like buying a car. If you don’t test drive the car, you won’t be certain if you like it until you actually buy it and drive it. Similarly, it’s like searching for a college. If you don’t visit and actually “test drive” the college, you won’t have a real idea of how you feel about the college until you get there.

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