Kindness of Strangers by Courtney

You know that thing that dogs do when they don’t understand something? When they perk their ears up and cock their head to one side, one ear parallel with the ground?  That’s about the way my friend and I looked when we arrived at my car the weekend after the big snowstorm. Utterly confused about how to retrieve my car from the two feet of solid snow and ice surrounding it.

Now, I thought I’d learned from past mistakes; I had a snow shovel in my trunk now, at least. But when faced with solid ice and single digit temperatures, it does very little good. If you can stand on top of the snow without sinking into it, chances are that your shovels are useless. So, I started my car to let it begin thawing the windows from the inside. Right about then, a truck pulled up and out step three guys, all much bigger than me, and ask if I mind them helping me.

It’s one of those things that college and the real world have in common, I think. You have your miserable days when nothing in the world agrees with you and nothing is okay. And then, you have days when complete strangers will appear behind your snowed-in car and push it out of two feet of ice without even knowing your name. And to those three young men, thank you.

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