A Nice Use of a Saturday by Carla

On any given weekend last semester, I was typically doing laundry, doing homework, frequenting Outtakes or sleeping.  There was little variety. This past week has been manageable, however, so I’ve had time for all of those things. Left with some free time, I made the most of my weekend. I went with my learning community to the COSI in Columbus on Saturday.   

First, I should say that our trip was humorously ironic. To my knowledge, there is a COSI in Toledo. I went there years and years ago with my cousins, who live around here. This said, we took a chartered bus to the COSI in Columbus. I’m not clear on the reasoning there, but I love my hometown, so I’m not complaining. Growing up, I visited this science and industry museum regularly. We had a family pass to the old COSI, which has since been replaced, but the concept is the same. To a child, COSI is pure magic. It retains most of that magic for college students. Complete with a pendulum, a unicycle, a planetarium and hot air balloons, it is the perfect weekend destination. I’ll take it over laundry any day. 
We reached our destination around noon and stayed through the afternoon, breaking off and exploring the expanse of exhibits. Here’s something great about this museum: you can explore the same exhibits over and over and learn something new each time. One of my childhood favorites was always the unicycle, suspended high in the air, on a tightrope. Usually, there will be a poor, skittish child that pedals out to the middle of this tightrope and makes an unfortunate decision to look down. I didn’t see any staff members pulling hysterical children to safety this time.  
COSI is one of those great places that can be entertaining at any age. The day wrapped up with an impromptu demonstration from Ohio State researchers and a movie.Don’t ask me about the movie—I fell asleep. Dark theater, tired students. All and all, it was great to experience COSI with my learning  community. It was definitely a nice use of a Saturday.

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