Going Greek by Demetrius

It is a funny thing when you are expecting one thing, but it ends up being another. Isn’t it just wonderful when the media molds your thinking process into what they have soley “informed” you of?

Question: When you think of going Greek in college what do you think? I know, personally, I used to think that meant: “OHMYGOD if I even want to join a fraternity I know these guys are probably gonna be jerks, they are gonna haze the hell out of me and I am just going to have to deal with it because being a part of a frat is so f’n awesome.”

Well here is the thing! …NOT AS BAD AS YOU WOULD THINK! Here on campus there are 17 fraternities and for some reason I skipped Legacy Week, which is the week usually referred to as “Rush Week,” and since I did that I have to go through open recruitment – which basically means I have to bide my time with frats I am interested in, hang out with them and pray that after a couple of times they like me enough to give me a bid (invite to become brothers with them/sisters if you are a girl).

Personally, I think this is pretty awesome. I mean, so far I have looked at two – Sigma Nu (SN) and Phi Kappa Psi (FKY), and both of them are against hazing and they just really wanna have a good time with whoever wants to with them.

Not gonna lie, this is a scary process at first because you are always wondering “What if they are just lying to me to get me to just join them to fill a quota.” But I have not gotten that vibe from either of these frats and Meech will NOT lie to you.  SO when it comes down to it, would I recommend this for first years? And I will answer indecisively saying yes and no.

Yes, because well…it is just a ton of fun and it is great knowing you could possibly have this much needed kinship with people because you hate being from home. But I say no because it is a time-consuming process, and if you skip legacy week it is really hard to keep up doing this stuff on your own.

Did I mention you can do this at anytime during first or second semester? Oh!!! And FORMAL RECRUITMENT goes on twice a year…convenient right ha? Well this is all the info I have for you now, but keep expecting!

Love, Meech (:

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