Arts Village by Teresa

I think one of the best things about Bowling Green is the residential communities. Coming from nine hours away, I was really horrified about what living on-campus could mean for me. I had no friends at BG . . . actually I had no friends in the entire state of Ohio. So I joined the Arts Village, a community of artists that resides in Kreischer-Compton. It was probably the best decision I made that year.


 The first friends I met were at the opening Arts Village meeting/social gathering. I was standing in line to get some ice cream, and a group of people and I started talking about the philosophical meaning behind eating ice cream. Nowhere else would you find five people talking about such strange things! I loved it! We had so much in common– everything from a love of music and art to an appreciation for the ‘weirdness’ in other people. Growing up, I had always felt a little strange compared to my peers because my head was in the clouds thinking about music and philosophy. And here I was in this wonderful group that was all about everything that was important to me!

            There were so many opportunities. Within the first year, I met several friends, took a trip to Illinois to watch my favorite band perform, had late night conversations about artsy films and the meaning of life, had ‘jam sessions’ in the basement and sang Broadway tunes in the hallways. I participated in a 48-hour playwriting competition. I helped make a movie. I performed in a recital. I joined a music group that specialized in playing music from videogames and anime (called the G.A.M.E ensemble). I don’t even like videogames and anime! So I was exposed to all these new forms of art and expression and all of these new types of people! I was in a community that was completely nurturing to the individuality I loved expressing. I was surrounded by people who were in love with everything I was in love with. The Arts Village is one of the best decisions I ever made.

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