How to Make the Most Out of a Dorm Room by Teresa

Teresa Lotz

I’ve lived in a dorm for three years now. I’ve gotten it down to a science!

  • never settle for the default set up of the beds. You can make the room look so much more exciting just from bunking the beds or doing the L-shape, like I have here.

  • color coordinate. Guys, I know colors are probably less important to you then to women, but it can really make the space more home-like. You know your mom color coordinates!
  • Get a futon. IKEA is awesome for things like this. We got a little futon that didn’t take up as much space as most of the big ones. You can get one for less than 150 if you shop around. And believe me, it’s worth it! You don’t want everyone sitting on one of your beds all the time. That gets gross.
  • Posters, posters, posters.  I suggest  They have really awesome sales and they ship fast and safely! I’ve never had a problem there. Also, within the first couple weeks of school, there’s a poster sale. I always spend way too much money there! Take some cash and set a limit!
  • Unless you’re living in an air conditioned dorm, get a revolving fan. Ohio’s awesome because it’s not hot for a lot of the year, but when it is hot, it’s VERY hot.
  • You’ll definitely want a TV (preferably not a really tiny one). Movies will become a really nice past-time. A TV, fridge, and microwave are all necessities.
  • -Put some pictures up that remind you of home. It’s really easy to get homesick, but sometimes just looking at a picture will do the trick.
  • Dry erase boards= awesome.
  • When the RA makes a door dec for you, don’t take it down. Doors can get really boring, so if you just keep your door decorations up, your door will eventually get some character!
  • Get a little carpet. I really like shag carpets. They are fun, and they add a little color pop that makes the whole room seem brighter.
  • Consider strange ways of setting up. Put your futon in the middle of the room instead of right against the wall.  Half loft the beds. Make a little ‘tent’ with your bed and put a chair and TV underneath a bed with a ‘curtain’ hanging up.
  • One time, my roommate and I bought a curtain rod and duct taped it between the two lofted beds and put up a curtain in the middle of the room.  This was really awesome because we were able to separate the little dorm room into three littler rooms, an office, and a ‘bedroom’ up high, and a ‘living room’ beneath the lofted beds.  Cool huh? Plus, the curtain was bright green which matched our shag rug!
  • A dorm is only as boring as the people living in it!

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