The World of the BIG things…by Vidya


Vidya Nalawade

Dear friends, this topic may sound funny, but when you will go shopping in the USA you will say, “Ohh, my God…  Vidya, you were right!” So today, let me tell you something which is small but it will prepare you for shopping.   Girls, don’t get very excited;  it may put you in trouble and you need to hunt for your Size during shopping, so be alert and read:

When I first came to the US, I needed some groceries so I went shopping. The first thing I noticed in the Walmart is BIG fruits and big containers.  Can you imagine the size of the Chili.  If you eat that then you will get sick.  Here you will find everything too big.  For example, in my country even a burger is of average size, but here the average size is HUGE.  And things are purchased in a lot, by which I mean in a big container.  I know this is different, because my new friend from Germany also told me the same thing. In Germany the containers are not so big.  Same as my country.

One more important thing for girls is, it is hard to find your size of clothing!  It’s not that they don’t have it, but sometimes I find my size in the KIDs section.   Funny? No… but it’s true.   But still, shopping is a really good experience here.

This reminds me of one more incident.  I love ice-cream, like all normal people… :p But here in BG there is a famous ice-cream shop called “Dairy Queen.”  I went there with my friend and I ordered the small cup of ice cream, assuming it would be normal, but it was too big for me to even finish!  Funny thing is the CUP size was Small, but the ice cream stood far above the rim of the cup.  My friend and I both were not able to finish it at one go.

You can see what I am telling you is TRUE.  Below is a picture of the Dairy Queen Blizzard:


And here are the fruits and vegetables in WalMart:




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