My First Meeting with My Advisor by Anna

I had a meeting with my new advisor, Bob Kline today, so of course I wanted to make a good impression.

West Hall shouldn’t be hard to find right? I mean, there’s even directions in its name… WEST Hall. And of course I like to think I’m an amazing person with directions, although others might disagree.  So, I start out on my journey, leaving my house which is only 5 minutes from campus half an hour early, just in case, get a reasonable parking spot, and start my trek to find West Hall, where I’ve never been before. As I walk down the sidewalk, I see South Hall and mentally I go over the NSEW compass I learned in third grade, ‘alright, I need to head left.’ I start heading left with no luck, eventually ending up at the Administration Building. Walking in, I realize it’s already 3:40, my appointment started 10 minutes ago. Oh great, this is going to a wonderful meeting, my advisor, whom I’ve never met in my life, is going to HATE ME!

I ask the receptionist where West Hall is, while she turns and gets someone else to take over for her while she personally walks me to West Hall. Entering the building I am a little less nervous thanks to her amazing hospitality, but as I look at my cell phone it reads 3:50. Seriously, not cool. I head up to room 300, ready for Mr. Kline to either have left for the day, or be seriously annoyed with me. As I hit room 300 I knock on the door. No answer. Wonderful, he’s either left for the day, or making me wait. Great. I take a seat outside his office and decide it’s in my best interest to wait. Soon, I hear someone walking up the stairs. Around the corner swings a man carrying papers. He smiles at me and asks if I’m Anna. ‘It’s my advisor, oh no, I’m so late, he’s got to be so mad.’ I tell myself. “Come on in!” He laughs, I’m wondering if even he sees my nervousness. I walk into the room and begin sputtering about how sorry I am that I’m late and thanking him for waiting, trying every way possible to redeem myself. He stops me, still laughing, and tells me it’s not a problem at all, he’s been late before too, it’s just one of those days.

The whole session with him he made me feel totally comfortable, and we made up a game plan for my classes in no time. He was so nice, and within minutes he seemed to get a grip of my personality and what classes would be best for me. Leaving his office with plans to meet next week to discuss if all the classes I decided on worked with my schedule, I was elated. Every single staff member today was so nice. Even going above and beyond to help me out, like it was no big deal. I was so impressed with them, especially Mr. Kline, making me feel right at home.

Everyone has those days where they’re a bit frazzled, or running late, and it helps so much when the people around them actually lend a helping hand, or are understanding. I think I like this place!  Hopefully a little bit of that rubs off on me! Until next time.


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