Out-of-state student: You don’t have to go home on long weekends

Like many students at BGSU, I am an out-of-state student.

Being able to go home on the weekends is something I had to sacrifice when deciding to attend BGSU.

When I arrived on campus, I knew one person. I was five hours away from home AND terrified!

I knew I wanted to get involved with Greek Life, but I had to wait a few weeks for the formal recruitment process to begin.

The weekend that sticks out to me the most was my first Labor Day weekend. I had not made any major connections. My roommate was leaving for the weekend, and I was the only person on my floor who was staying.

I remember not wanting to call my mom crying. I also did not want any of my friends from home to know I was lonely. I silently suffered as everyone packed up to go home.

I am now a senior and looking back that was one of the best weekends I have ever had.

Everyone leaving gave me a chance to meet people who were in a similar situation. It pushed me to leave the comfort of my room and find someone to hang out with.

After nailing that first long weekend, I realized that Bowling Green offers so many events and activities that I did not have to go home for fun.

There are a variety of things you can do depending on what kind of person you are. For example, there are free movies playing in the Union theater. UAO puts on a ton of on-campus events that range from trivia-type games to on-campus concerts.

If you want to get off campus, there are lots of small town restaurants and stores that are unique to Bowling Green. Of course, there are all of the bars downtown for those who live for the nightlife. And how can you forget about all of the free sporting events?

If you live five hours away or five minutes away, don’t go home every weekend. We are only in college for four, maybe five years. Soak it up, enjoy your time on campus, even if it isn’t always the easiest thing at first.

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