Sleepless Nights Won’t Help by Vidya


Vidya Nalawade

Examinations… every student has bad dreams about them and is scared of taking exams. But let me tell you one thing, in the U.S. education system if you do not procrastinate in your work then, believe me you will get good grades. The big change I faced after coming to the U.S. is the change in the academic culture and whole education system. I am glad to say that this system is really good and does consider foundation to be very important in any course or any subject, whether it be Accounting, Algebra, or Economics etc.

It will sound funny but the most valuable lesson I learned because of this system is DO NOT PROCRASTINATE. Here, if you delay your work and if you are not up to date with your studies, then staying awake studying all night will not help you to catch up with your studies. (Now you have a better idea why I called this blog “sleepless nights.”)

But you know something, I first used to hate this whole thing bacause, I am the person who usually will start studying at the last moment. I am not proud of it, but I am honestly accepting the mistake and trying to improve itJ. But frankly speaking, procrastination didn’t help me much, so now I have improved from procrastinator to proactive person.

You know something; this whole process of coming to the U.S. will teach you so many different things. Believe me, you will learn a lot and have plenty of experience which will help you to be more successful in your life. First, you should be proud of yourself that you are dreaming high and also ready to do anything so that those dreams will come true. As there is a saying, “If you Dream something, you need to protect it” (movie: In Pursuit Of Happiness) so get ready to protect your dreams and trust me you have the talent you just need to find it and pursue it.

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