Home for the Holidays

Home for the HolidaysThe temperature is dropping, the stress is increasing, and winter break is just around the corner. Most everyone is looking forward to heading home for the holidays, and if that sounds like you, it sure makes sense. Home-cooked meals, old friends, and zero responsibility sounds like a complete blast and a half.

But what if you’re not exactly ecstatic about leaving?

For many of us, coming home means work. It means struggling to get acclimated once again to living at home. We love our … Continue Reading

Surviving, No, THRIVING: Job Expo


Picture this: you walk into the Perry Field House and see hundreds of business professionals dressed in their finest eyeing you down as you make your way through the crowded rows of desks. Flying resumes, high-strung nerves, and sweaty palms. The moment has come; it’s time to talk to your first company, but everything that you’ve ever rehearsed leaves your mind.

Ok… So maybe I’m exaggerating just a tad bit… Or maybe that’s exactly what you’re nervous about. Honestly, I’m not gonna lie to you. It’s nerve-wracking, but it’s also worth-while. Here’s … Continue Reading

What to Expect: First Day of Class

first day of classesYou made it through the first weekend! I hate to say it, but the real work starts now. Here’s how to survive the first day of class!

  1. Back your bag the night before. Collect everything you’ll be needing for the busy day in your bag so you don’t find yourself scrambling the morning. It’ll allow for a stress-free beginning to your day!
  1. Find your classes beforehand. You’re not going to magically know where every building and room is right away. That’s okay! Give yourself a little time to locate … Continue Reading

What to Expect: Move-In

move inGuess what? Good news: today you are a “Future Falcon,” but soon you’ll officially be a student of Bowling Green State University! How does it feel? Unreal? Yeah, thought so.

With Move-In and Opening Weekend just around the corner, here are some tips and tricks to help Move-In Day go just a little smoother!

  1. Pack as much as you can the night before. Trust me, you’ll thank yourself in the morning. Put everything in the car the night before (excluding your toothbrush and pillow of course) and the morning will be stress-free and … Continue Reading

What to Expect: Pre-Move-In

pre-moveinSo you have a few final days before you find yourself at Bowling Green State University. Are you ready for the whirlwind of chaos coming your way? If not, here’s what you can be expecting!

Expect stress. Deciding what to take with you to college and what to leave behind can be daunting. How are you supposed to pack things that you’re going to need within the next couple of days? (My advice? Buy a second hairbrush, toothbrush, razor, etc. It may seem a bit outlandish but I promise it’ll help!) Expect … Continue Reading

What I Wish I Knew…

i wish i knewIf I could go back and tell myself anything on the first day of college it would be “be open”. It sounds like a simple phrase, but it is very important. It’s important right off the bat to be open in all senses. Be open with yourself, when finding friends, when choosing clubs to be in, etc. Don’t think just because you have never tried a certain hobby that it is too late to start. We are all thrown into college at the age of 18, made to … Continue Reading

Surviving College 101

hot messTransitioning from High School to College is certainly an intimidating thought. As a matter of fact, most students are out on their own for the first time in their life. The luxury of home-cooked meals and fresh laundry on a regular basis fades away and the responsibilities of adulthood become evident quite quickly.

The biggest piece of advice I can give to incoming freshmen is to make a schedule. I’m not simply referring to your fall or winter classes, but also a schedule that will ensure … Continue Reading

Sporting Events at BGSU: What’s the big deal

Athletics-Doyt-Perry_62t1583The college experience is unlike any other in life. It’s the first (and more than likely last) time you’re on your own with a brand new, shiny and clean slate. Whether it’s the amount of lifelong relationships you’ll make or the memories that will be created doing various activities, these next few years are unlike any others to come.

Of course, a large amount of the memories for many are the sporting events your college participates in. Whether it’s football, basketball, gymnastics or swimming the environment is incredibly distinctive, differing … Continue Reading

Summer Bucket List

summer bucket listIt’s your last summer before you’re officially a Falcon. So what’s it gonna look like? How will you spend it? What’s going to make it legend *wait for it* dary? Here’s my two cents:

  1. Spend as much time as you can with your parents. Sounds lame, right? Wrong. This transition is going to be just as difficult for them as it will be for you. Cut them some slack and cherish the last moments of dependence on people who think the world of you.
  1. Host a kick-butt graduation party. I know … Continue Reading

Being Out-of-Stater in the Buckeye State


jojoBeing an out-of-state student at BGSU is great, but can also have a few obstacles. I am from Quincy, Massachusetts (directly south of Boston) which is about a 12 hour car ride…but with stops and traffic can be about 14-15 hours. Flying from Detroit is about an hour and 40 minutes. Safe to say it’s far enough that I can’t come home whenever I feel like it. Although coming from far away has its obstacles, it has made me so much more mature and independent. Bowling Green has has provided me … Continue Reading

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