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Deeago Records

Deeago Records: “ Foilwrapped2000: {{db-inc}} {{hangon}} {{Infobox record label | name = Deeago Records | image = | image_bg = | parent = | founded = 2008 | founder = | defunct = | distributor = | genre = [[Indie]], [[Pop]] | country = [[United Kingdom]] | location = | url = }} ”’Deeago […]

Gareth Stevens

Gareth Stevens: “ Slgrandson: This *was* crying to be written here {{Infobox Company | name = Gareth Stevens | logo = | type = Subsidiary | genre = | foundation = December 1983<ref name=milwaukee>{{cite web| url=| last=Dries|first=Mike|title=Book publisher Gareth Stevens returns to black ink|date=1998-05-15|accessdate=2008-10-01|publisher=The Business Journal of Milwaukee}}</ref> | location_city = | location_country = | […]


DRI DUCK: “ Ryandavidreid: /* Reference */ {{dated prod|concern = [[WP:CORP|Non-notable]] corporation.|month = October|day = 1|year = 2008|time = 22:44|timestamp = 20081001224424}} <!– Do not use the ‘dated prod’ template directly; the above line is generated by ‘subst:prod|reason’ –> ”’DRI DUCK”’ is a privately held, [[U.S.]] based apparel company founded in [[2003]]. The [[family business]] […]


TicketFeeder: “ HalJor: Requesting speedy deletion ([[WP:CSD#A7|CSD A7]]). ([[WP:TW|TW]]) {{db-inc}} ==Overview== ”’TicketFeeder”’, founded in May of 2008 based in Tempe, Arizona, is a forum featuring premium tickets to quality events. TicketFeeder is an online broker specializing in premium event tickets. TicketFeeder works with the National Association of Ticket Brokers and the Better Business Buru Online […]

Dream Wrestling Videogames

Dream Wrestling Videogames: “ DreamWrestlingVideogames: Have You Ever Wanted To Create Your Own Wrestling Game? Well You Can’t But You Can Make A Fantasy Fake One With Ideas So This Is The Page You Can See My Dream Wrestling Videogames. This Is Not Real It Is Just Entertainment And Ideas So Enjoy. I Wish THQ […]


VeryKool: “ Omarcheeseboro: {{db-spam}} ””’Verykool”™”’ is a brand dedicated to the sales and marketing of its line of mobile phone products targeted to a young, dynamic audience, especially students and young professionals. The term ‘verykool™’ (very cool) is an adaptation of the post-World War II, North American idiomatic expression ‘cool’ , which conveys a very […]

Obu interactive

Obu interactive: “ Excirial: replace G11 {{csd-g11}} Obu Interactive is a new media company based in San Diego, California that offers a full range of web-based services. Founded in early 2008 by William Chang and Landon Harlan, Obu’s mission is to implement Internet marketing strategies for clients that will improve revenues or client acquisition through […]

DeepSea Power & Light

DeepSea Power & Light: “ DeepSeaPowerLight: {{underconstruction}} {{hangon}} ”’DeepSea Power & Light”’ (San Diego, CA, USA) was founded in 1983 as a manufacturer of high end underwater lights, cameras, topside camera control units, pressure compensated batteries, and high performance hollow ceramic spheres. Their domestic and international customers represent marine and freshwater oceanographic research, offshore mineral […]


Surridge: “ CorenSearchBot: Tagging possible copyvio of {{csb-pageincludes|1=}} {{otheruses2|Surridge Sport}} {{Infobox Company | company_name = Surridge Sport | company_logo = | company_type = | founder = Stewart Surridge | foundation = [[1867]] | location = {{flagicon|England}} [[Burnley]], [[England]] | key_people = Charles Lord & Ian Ralph, Directors | area_served = | industry = [[Sportswear]] […]

ILD Telecommunications

ILD Telecommunications: “ ITEPVB: {{Infobox Company |name = ILD Telecommunications |type = [[Private company|Private]] |foundation = Delaware, United States (1996) |location = {{flagicon|U.S.}} [[Ponte Vedra Beach, FL]], [[USA]] |num_employees = {{increase}} 350 (2007) |industry = [[Telecommunications]] |products = Payment Processing<br />[[Web_Conferencing|Web Conferencing]]<br />[[Teleconferencing|Teleconferencing]]<br />[[Operator_services|Operator Services]] |homepage = }} ”’ILD Telecommunications”’ was founded in 1996, […]

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