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Alteil: “ Blanchardb: {{notability}} {{unreferenced}} ([[WP:HG|HG]]) {{notability}} {{unreferenced}} ”’Alteil”’ is an online, story driven card game, released in Japan in 2004, and released more recently in America and in several other countries across the world. According to the card game’s English website, it is currently the most popular online card game in its home country. […]

Muhammed Demir

Muhammed Demir: “ Blanchardb: {{notability}} ([[WP:HG|HG]]) {{notability}} {{unreferenced}} ”Muhammed Demir” is a very talented player. He has been scoutet by the english traditionclub, [[West Ham United]]. He plays on the u-21 Turkish national team, and is seen as a futurehope for Turkey. Rumors was saying, that [[West Ham United]] was willing to give 1,000,000£ for […]

John Johnson (musican)

John Johnson (musican): “ FlyingToaster: Added {{[[Template:totally-disputed|totally-disputed]]}} tag to article. using [[WP:FRIENDLY|Friendly]] {{totally-disputed|date=October 2008}} ”’John Johnson”’, musican (trombone, percussions)(born 21. January 1964 in Dudley, West Midlands, England). He is the youngest of four children to parents who emigrated to England from Jamaica in the 1950’s. Growing up, he was surrounded by musical talent in his […]

MTG Studio

MTG Studio: ” Gaddlord: == MTG Studio == MTG Studio is Magic: the Gathering® deck editor. With MTG Studio you can create magic decks to play with. The product ships with the most complete MTG database in the world. The database includes over 18’900 cards from all editions ever released. MTG Studio has the unique […]

Frank T. Johns

Frank T. Johns: “ Lawrence142002: {{articleissues|expand=October 2008|expert=October 2008|orphan=October 2008|unreferenced=October 2008}} {{expert-subject|Politics|Date=October 2008}} ”’Frank Tetes Johns”’ (February 23, 1889 – May 20, 1928) was a [[carpenter]] and American DeLeonist politican who was twice nominated for [[President of the United States]] by the [[Socialist Labor Party]] in 1924 and 1928. He was the youngest man ever nominated […]

Sean Daley Professional Mountain Biker

Sean Daley Professional Mountain Biker: “ {{cite web}} ”’Sean Daley”’ is a Professional [[mountain biking|Mountain Biker]] from [[Marshfield]], [[Massachusetts]]. Sean raced for in the [[2008]] season before turning Professional and was third in the 2008 [[New England Championship Series]] and finished 9th at the 2008 [[Cross-Country]] National Championships.<ref>{{cite web |title= Daley Season Recap […]

Matt davy

Matt davy: “ Rbanzai: Added autobio and ref tags {{autobiography}} {{references}} Matthew Peter Davy (born 15 July 1989) is a New Zealand Disk Jockey, Matt at an only 18 years of age started his broadcasting career working for Coromandel FM based in Thames, followed by a brief period announcing 10-2pm on The Breeze in Whitianga. […]

Gustavo verdesio

Gustavo verdesio: “ Conquistador2k6: {{db-bio}} {{hangon}} {{advert|date=October 2008}} {{unreferenced|date=October 2008}} {{wikify|date=October 2008}} Gustavo Verdesio is one of the premiere Romance Language and American Culture professors at the University of Michigan. Originally from Montevideo, Uruguay, he brings a wealth of information from the Cono Sur (Southern Cone of South America). He received his Ph.D from Northwestern […]

Frank T. Johns

Frank T. Johns: “ Lawrence142002: ”’Frank T. Johns”’ (February 23, 1889 – May 20, 1928) Frank Tetes Johns holds the estimable distinction of being the youngest candidate to run for the [[United States Presidency]]. He ran on the [[Socialist Labor Party]] ticket in 1924 and 1928. While giving a campaign speech in [[Bend, Oregon]], he […]

Sakshi Talwar

Sakshi Talwar: “ Honeygirl111: [[WP:AES|←]]Created page with ‘Sakshi Talwar is an Indian television actress. She currently plays the role of Rano in Zee Tv’s soap opera, ‘Ranbir Rano.” Sakshi Talwar is an Indian television actress. She currently plays the role of Rano in Zee Tv’s soap opera, ‘Ranbir Rano.’ “ (Via Wikipedia – New pages […]

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