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””’Verykool”™”’ is a brand dedicated to the sales and marketing of its line of mobile phone products targeted to a young, dynamic audience, especially students and young professionals. The term ‘verykool™’ (very cool) is an adaptation of the post-World War II, North American idiomatic expression ‘cool’ , which conveys a very positive sentiment (‘excellent, superlative’), and is now adopted and used by the younger generations of many cultures worldwide.
In recent years ‘very cool’ (Verykool™) has become a cross-cultural term closely associated with contentment, awe and the latest trends most appreciated by the younger segments of a consumer society. The younger generations have been raised in the era of technological change, the internet, peer-to-peer connectivity and mobility. Verykool™ products, by definition, are positioned to be reflective of and relevant to this generation’s lifestyle and individuality.

== ”The Essence of verykool™” ==

Verykool™ is a projection of fun, style, freedom, activity and overall value the younger generation expects, and this is readily apparent in all of its marketing communications. Verykool™ offers the core functionality the younger generation wants, depending on the particular model of handset: camera, MP3, FM Radio, Bluetooth, external memory, and even a web cam… all offered in an array of attractive colors that jump-out at you!
Verykool™ is a symbol of self-expression and individuality. It’s about exerting one’s best judgment and following one’s instincts to select a product which is fun, shows signs of being different, and which addresses the daily needs of young people across the globe. It’s no accident that verykool™’s tag line ‘it’s you’ signifies the freedom to express oneself and one’s individuality.
The verykool™ logo, which depicts a surfer, snowboarder or skater, is another expression of the essence of verykool™: the balance between responsibility and fun, or the demands of daily life accompanied by the pleasures of living.

== ”The Philosophy of verykool™” ==

The verykool™ philosophy is simple: engage and connect with students and young professionals; offer them quality, feature options and continual innovation, and they will understand the value verykool™ products offer. Specifically, the strategy of verykool™ is to create continual interaction between the people who seign and bring the phones to the market and the actual individuals who use them on a daily basis. This permits the consumers themselves to define the collective essence of verykool™, and thus the direction of its product line-up.

This intimate connection between the manufacturer/designer and its young audience insures the relevance of verykool™ products to a consumer segment best characterized by change.
Verykool™ is planning to push the innovation envelope further by introducing a new and exciting product line-up of 2nd and 3rd Generation mobile phones.
For more information on verykool™ visit [] and search [] among other popular websites and search engines.

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