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ILD Telecommunications

ILD Telecommunications: “


{{Infobox Company
|name = ILD Telecommunications
|type = [[Private company|Private]]
|foundation = Delaware, United States (1996)
|location = {{flagicon|U.S.}} [[Ponte Vedra Beach, FL]], [[USA]]
|num_employees = {{increase}} 350 (2007)
|industry = [[Telecommunications]]
|products = Payment Processing<br />[[Web_Conferencing|Web Conferencing]]<br />[[Teleconferencing|Teleconferencing]]<br />[[Operator_services|Operator Services]]
|homepage =
”’ILD Telecommunications”’ was founded in 1996, as a provider of operator services for large telecommunications companies.
<ref>Telecommunications Act of 1996</ref>

(Via Wikipedia – New pages [en].)

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