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”’DRI DUCK”’ is a privately held, [[U.S.]] based apparel company founded in [[2003]]. The [[family business]] operates out of Overland Park, [[Kansas]] with a [[Distribution center]] in Lenexa, Kansas. DRI DUCK produces men’s and women’s [[Jackets]], [[Coats]], Bib [[overalls]], [[Shirts]], [[Fleece]], and [[Hats]].

== History of DRI DUCK ==

Founded in 1995, Design Resources Inc. primarily focused on world class product development and sourcing of [[apparel]]. Eventually, DRI went from not only supplying major branded private label programs but establishing their own apparel brand in 2003 called DRI DUCK.

DRI DUCK’s name derives from the fabric commonly known as ‘duck’ cloth. DRI DUCK’s designers, merchandisers, and fabric specialists analyzed the traditional [[cotton]] [[canvas]] that was available in the marketplace and created a new and innovative proprietary duck [[fabric]] that was durable yet soft in touch.

In 2004, DRI DUCK responded to a rising demand for other high quality and outdoor inspired clothing in the technical fabrics category. This led to the advancement of another unique product – 100% [[waterproof]] [[garments]] which included a waterproof cotton canvas jacket<ref>[ Waterproof Review]</ref>.

2005 gave way for an exciting new Authentic Wildlife Headwear concept. Authentic Wildlife headwear encompasses beautiful nature and animal motifs created in-house by DRI DUCK [[Graphic designers]] and [[Artists]].

Continued growth in 2006 enabled DRI DUCK to build a new state of the art Distribution Center in 2007 <ref>[ State of the Art Distribution Center]</ref>. They acquired the license to manufacture [ REALTREE] ® [[camouflage]] which was founded by [[Bill Jordan (outdoorsman)]]. The company also initiated a Shades of Green environmental sustainability program.

In 2008, DRI DUCK developed a [[NASCAR]] partnership with REALTREE ® as a co-sponsor of the [[Richard Childress Racing]] #21 car driven by [[Bobby Labonte]] which raced in the Daytona [[Nationwide Series]]
<ref>[ Realtree Press Release]</ref>

DRI DUCK continues to invent clothing that works with various lifestyles and provides the [[market]] with high quality and functional [[Work Wear]], Outdoor Apparel, Camouflage Clothing, Casual [[Fleece]], and [[Hats]].

== Social Compliancy and Responsibility ==

DRI DUCK took the initiative early on to voluntarily be certified by [[Customs Trade Partnership against Terrorism]] (C-TPAT) which helps improve the security of private companies’ supply chains with respect to terrorism. Each manufacturing facility that DRI DUCK works with is social compliant and audited consistently throughout the year to uphold standards. Furthermore, DRI DUCK supports [[Worldwide Responsible Apparel Production]] certified (WRAP) facilities and enforces national labor laws by following the [[Fair Labor Association]] guidelines (FLA).

DRI DUCK also shows commitment to promoting a socially responsible environment for today as well as future generations. Its goals as a company include preserving [[wildlife]] and forests, forming healthy communities, [[energy conservation]], participating in waste and carbon reduction and delivering eco-friendly products to the consumer. DRI DUCK is a member of the [[Organic Trade Association]] <ref>[ OTA Member List]</ref> and has already launched a line of certified [[organic cotton]] hats and jackets. DRI DUCK even sent live trees to customers in late 2007 to spread environmental awareness. <ref>[ Tree Mailing]</ref>

== External Links ==


[http:// WRAP]

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[ Organic Trade Association]

[ Organic Exchange]<ref>[ Organic Exchange Member List]</ref>


== References ==


(Via Wikipedia – New pages [en].)

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