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Clicks4charity: “ Olly150: Requesting speedy deletion ([[WP:CSD#G11|CSD G11]]). ([[WP:TW|TW]]) {{db-spam}} Clicks4Charity is a blog styled charity fund raising website.Our aim is to create awareness on charitable issues,enlighten people on ‘free donation ‘ through their clicks and to encourage the philanthropic spirit in them.We at C4C have found out that most people have little or no […]

IPod touch Fans

[NOTE: Very Active Debate on this] IPod touch Fans: “ Ohnoitsjamie: afd <!– Please do not remove or change this AfD message until the issue is settled –> {{AfDM|page=IPod touch Fans|date=2008 October 1|substed=yes}} <!– For administrator use only: {{oldafdfull|page=IPod touch Fans|date=1 October 2008|result=”’keep”’}} –> <!– End of AfD message, feel free to edit beyond this […]


CollegeCarrot: “ Mkimelblat: {{db-web}} {{hangon}} [ CollegeCarrot]is an online college admissions community that guides high school students through the college admissions process. The website is essentially a college admissions Q&A board that connects high school students with college students and expert college counselors. [ CollegeCarrot] has a system of points and levels which reward quality […] “ Blanchardb: Tagging for [[WP:PRD|proposed deletion]], No [[WP:RS|third-party sources]]. ([[WP:HG|HG]]) {{dated prod|concern = No [[WP:RS|third-party sources]].|month = October|day = 1|year = 2008|time = 22:34|timestamp = 20081001223407}} <!– Do not use the ‘dated prod’ template directly; the above line is generated by ‘subst:prod|reason’ –> is a website launched in early 2008 by internet […]


Prapple: “ VasileGaburici: Requesting speedy deletion ([[WP:CSD#A7|CSD A7]]). ([[WP:TW|TW]]) {{db-web}} {{csb-pageincludes|1=}} Sources: Welcome to Prapple is not a bad word in another language, but rather the creation of one of prapple’s co-founders, Po. Our second co-founder is the speller and word person who is spell checking this right now. His name is Oosh. […]


Nerdzpwnms: “ Brewcrewer: Requesting speedy deletion ([[WP:CSD#G11|CSD G11]]). ([[WP:TW|TW]]) {{db-spam}} NerdzPwnMs is a maplestory private server that everyone would like to play, We have a 24/7 dedicated server, 4th job, pets, and skills are automaxed. Come to “ (Via Wikipedia – New pages [en].)

The Bites Site

The Bites Site: “ VasileGaburici: Requesting speedy deletion ([[WP:CSD#A7|CSD A7]]). ([[WP:TW|TW]]) {{db-web}} [ The Bites Site] The Bites Site is a food blog that was created in August 2008. It is for cooks of all levels – from beginners to experienced. The Bites Site gives recipes and explanations of how to create them. With play […]


Starmen.Net: “ Yoryx: [[Image:Information.svg|25px|]] Welcome to Wikipedia. Everyone is welcome to contribute constructively to the encyclopedia. However, please do not add promotional material to articles or other Wikipedia pages{{#if:|, as you did to [[:{{{1}}}]]}}. [[Wikipedia:What Wikipedia is not#Wikipedia is not a soapbox|Advertising]] and using Wikipedia as a ‘[[soapbox]]’ is strongly discouraged. Take a look at […]

Morning show central

Morning show central: “ Chrisv3193: /* References */ ==Morning Show Central Radio Network== Morning Show Central Radio Network now hosts five regular weekly shows and two biweekly programs, providing more than 24 hours of original programming a week. The shows rotate all day, some with video feed. All the shows are available as podcasts. ==About […]


Wuaala: “ Cobaltbluetony: Reverted edits by [[Special:Contributions/Pharmboy|Pharmboy]] ([[User talk:Pharmboy|talk]]) to last version by Cobaltbluetony ”’Wuaala”’ is a video sharing service that helps content producers to create and deliver Internet TV channels as well as monetize their content with ad revenues. Wuaala provides different distribution and monetization solutions for all kind of content producers, from video […]

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