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Gareth Stevens

Gareth Stevens: “

Slgrandson: This *was* crying to be written here

{{Infobox Company
| name = Gareth Stevens
| logo =
| type = Subsidiary
| genre =
| foundation = December 1983<ref name=milwaukee>{{cite web|
last=Dries|first=Mike|title=Book publisher Gareth Stevens returns to black ink|date=1998-05-15|accessdate=2008-10-01|publisher=The Business Journal of Milwaukee}}</ref>
| location_city =
| location_country =
| location = Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United States
| locations =
| key_people =
| industry = Publishing
| products = Children’s books
| services =
| owner = [[Weekly Reader]] Corporation
| homepage = []
”’Gareth Stevens, Inc.”’ is a publishing company originally based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. It was founded in 1983 by its namesake owner, a former Briton who moved to Raintree Publishers.<ref name=milwaukee/> The company is owned by [[Weekly Reader]] Corporation, part of [[The Reader’s Digest Association]].

Gareth Stevens largely specialises in children’s non-fiction reference. Along with its main arm, Gareth Stevens Publishing, its imprints include Weekly Reader Early Imprint Library and World Almamac Library.<ref name=jacketflap>{{cite web|url=|title=Gareth Stevens contact information|accessdate=2008-10-01|publisher=JacketFlap}}</ref>

In 1991 and 1992, it published the English version of the first seven ”[[Beechwood Bunny Tales]]” by [[Geneviève Huriet]]. The translators were MaryLee Knowlton, Amy Bauman and Patricia Lantier-Sampon.


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*[ Official site]


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