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Dream Wrestling Videogames

Dream Wrestling Videogames: “


Have You Ever Wanted To Create Your Own Wrestling Game? Well You Can’t But You Can Make A Fantasy Fake One With Ideas So This Is The Page You Can See My Dream Wrestling Videogames. This Is Not Real It Is Just Entertainment And Ideas So Enjoy. I Wish THQ or any one else can make these games it would be awesome it is fake and not a big deal so hope that you like my ideas for a game this has nothing to do with real wrestling games, thq, wwe, tna, or any other wrestling videogame creators and or any other videogames or videogame creators. So Please Just Enjoy.

My First Game Will Be Called (WWE Fight The Best)

The main part of the game is for the season mode that I’m making in this custom game. I will upload picks I made on paint from time to time maybe, every now and then maybe.


Confirmed Roster-
<sup>Triple H</sup>

Game Modes-

Create Modes-

Match Types-



(Via Wikipedia – New pages [en].)

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