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Deeago Records

Deeago Records: “ Foilwrapped2000: {{db-inc}} {{hangon}} {{Infobox record label | name = Deeago Records | image = | image_bg = | parent = | founded = 2008 | founder = | defunct = | distributor = | genre = [[Indie]], [[Pop]] | country = [[United Kingdom]] | location = | url = }} ”’Deeago […]

The Evening Life

The Evening Life: “ Bmagallanes: <!– Please do not remove or change this AfD message until the issue is settled –> {{AfDM|page=The Evening Life|date=2008 October 1|substed=yes}} <!– For administrator use only: {{oldafdfull|page=The Evening Life|date=1 October 2008|result=”’keep”’}} –> <!– End of AfD message, feel free to edit beyond this point –> ”Evening” is a clothing line […]


CollegeCarrot: “ Mkimelblat: {{db-web}} {{hangon}} [ CollegeCarrot]is an online college admissions community that guides high school students through the college admissions process. The website is essentially a college admissions Q&A board that connects high school students with college students and expert college counselors. [ CollegeCarrot] has a system of points and levels which reward quality […]

Technical column

Technical column: “ IdsArticles: /* Protecting your computer data during a hurricane */ {{db-test}} {{hangon}} This is our first article, we are trying to place all the information required. Thank you == Protecting your computer data during a hurricane == Hurricane season is here and while many of us know what to do with our […]


BOXIE: “ Pologroundsmusic: {{db-band}} {{hangon}} {{csb-pageincludes|1=}} {{hangon}} BOXIE Behind the music, there is always a story to be told. Whether it’s triumph or tribulation, Queens-bred R&B singer Boxie (né Jason H. Dendy) is revealing his tale through his vocal skills. ‘This is the B side of the [music] industry, side Boxie,’ he explains, of using […]


Custombaits: “ TrulyBlue: Reinstate spam tag to match hangon {{db-spam}} {{hangon}} A Custombait is a custom made fishing lure, often a sort of a plug or jerkbait. They are often of very high quality and unusual design. The customer can usually choose the design (color, size, weight etc) of the lure. Custombaits are popular lures […]


Balkenbeat: “ {{db-nocontext}} {{real black producer in asia}} balkenbeat(korea beat maker) {{hangon}} “ (Via Wikipedia – New pages [en].)

Great Raise Houston

Great Raise Houston: ” Spiffy1001: {{db-nocontext}} {{hangon}} ”The Great Raise Houston” is a localized reality show based on ”The Amazing Race”. It is hosted by former ”Amazing Race 7” winners Uchenna and Joyce Agu. It features 10 teams of 2 completing missions in Houston and the surrounding areas while trying to raise money for the […]

Medical tourism definition

Medical tourism definition: “ CSOMTA: the Definition is uploaded after official approval and permition from author. the definition is set to give clear understanding about medical tourism {{speedy|we already have [[Medical tourism]]}} {{hangon}} Medical Tourism Definition What is Medical Tourism? – By Dr. Prem Jagyasi (Author) ‘The Medical Tourism is the set of activities in […]

Jace Dison

Jace Dison: “ TannerXmason: (hang on) Jace Sawyer Dison was born on Feberuary 19, 1991 to the parents of Gary and Deborh Dison in Hueytown, Alabama. For the first 5 years of this young mans life he was called by the name of Brandon. He is an advivd gamer and owns 3 systems, and on […]

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