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Great Raise Houston

Great Raise Houston: ” Spiffy1001: {{db-nocontext}} {{hangon}} ”The Great Raise Houston” is a localized reality show based on ”The Amazing Race”. It is hosted by former ”Amazing Race 7” winners Uchenna and Joyce Agu. It features 10 teams of 2 completing missions in Houston and the surrounding areas while trying to raise money for the […]

Derby Academy (School of Dance)

Derby Academy (School of Dance): ” Rburke79: /* Introduction */ {{db-spam}} {{hangon}} == Introduction == Derby Academy is the oldest private dance school in [[Derby]] city centre, United Kingdom, and was founded in 1978 by its current principal, Eve Leveaux. Ms Leveaux has worked hard over the last 30 years to build a facility that […]

Plaigarism in the classroom

Plaigarism in the classroom: ” TrulyBlue: Speedy delete of OR {{speedy|it is [[WP:OR|original research]] without a [[WP:SNOW|chance of seriving an AfD]]}} Plaigarism isn’t always on purpose. Sometimes, students simply do not know how to cite their sources. That is why it is vital for teachers to instill proper referencing skills early on in the classroom. […]

Adrian Brown (author)

Adrian Brown (author): ” Pedro: speedy declined – no prejudice to [[WP:AFD]] or [[WP:PROD]] – asserts notability ”’Adrian Brown”'(born 1901) is a British philosophy expert and author from Belper, Derbyshire. He is also the founder of the Cambridgeshire United Party, with policies including customary beard growth for all, and legalising the shooting of poor people. […]

Parentline plus

Parentline plus: “ MidgleyDJ: speedy delete (recreated) {{db-g4}} ”’Parentline Plus”’ is a UK based charity that works for, and with, parents. == History == Parentline Plus was the result of the merger of three charities: Parentline UK, National Stepfamily Association (NSA) and Parent Network.<br /><br />On 7 September 1999 NSA and Parentline UK held AGMs […]


Bionumbers: ” Ecoleetage: CSD G11 {{db-spam}} [[Image:Logo Bionumbers.jpg]] ==What is BioNumbers?== Bionumbers is a collaborative community effort to establish a database of useful biological numbers. For example: • How many ribosomes or mRNAs are in a cell (e.coli, yeast, mammalian or any other) ? • The volume of different cells and organelles • Concentrations and […]

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