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SGPstore: “ Estrva: SGPstore – A Well known skin manufacturer in Korea. Developed the optimal protection film set. The skin shield will protect the body part, and the optical enhancement hard coated film will protect LCD screen part. SGP Shield is the highest level protection film set. SGP United Corp. Currently holds patent of shield […]

HT Concepts Inc.

HT Concepts Inc.: “ Nomoskedasticity: Proposing article for deletion per [[WP:PROD]]. ([[WP:TW|TW]]) {{dated prod|concern = Non-notable — no significant news coverage; article created by employee|month = October|day = 1|year = 2008|time = 21:05|timestamp = 20081001210541}} <!– Do not use the ‘dated prod’ template directly; the above line is generated by ‘subst:prod|reason’ –> {{Infobox_Company |company_name=HT Concepts […]

Blue Max Environmental Drilling

Blue Max Environmental Drilling: “ Excirial: Added {{articleissues}} with parameters advert, cleanup, notability, unreferenced and wikify and {{[[Template:uncategorized|uncategorized]]}} tags to article. using [[WP:FRIENDLY|Friendly]] {{articleissues|advert=October 2008|cleanup=October 2008|notability=October 2008|unreferenced=October 2008|wikify=October 2008}} Blue Max Environmental Drilling is an environmental [[drilling]] company based out of [[Port Coquitlam]], [[BC]], [[Canada]]. Blue Max specializes in [[soil vapour]] and limited access drilling […]

Nancy Chandler Associates

Nancy Chandler Associates: “ Mandarax: Requesting speedy deletion ([[WP:CSD#A7|CSD A7]]). ([[WP:TWINKLE|TW]]) {{db-inc}} {{Infobox_Company | company_name = Nancy Chandler Associates, Inc | company_logo = | company_slogan = We Get People & Places Together | foundation = [[Virginia]] ([[1974]]) | key_people = Nancy Chandler, Chairman; Web Chandler, III President & CEO | industry = [[Real Estate]] | […]


CrossPoint: “ Iscauthor: {{underconstruction}} Intelligent Program Management for the 21st Century CrossPoint® by Intersect Software is enterprise-class portfolio, program, and resource management software focused specifically for product development organizations. CrossPoint provides Schedule Visibility, Schedule Predictability, and Schedule Accountability. == External Links == [ Intersect Software Corporation website] == References == == See also == [[Schedule […]

Manhattan GMAT

Manhattan GMAT: ” BrieEm: [[WP:AES|←]]Created page with ‘{{Infobox Company | company_name = Manhattan GMAT | company_logo = [[Image: Manhattan-gmat.gif]] | company_type = [[Private company|Private]] | genre = | foundatio…’ {{Infobox Company | company_name = Manhattan GMAT | company_logo = [[Image: Manhattan-gmat.gif]] | company_type = [[Private company|Private]] | genre = | foundation = 2000 | founder […]

Intersect Software Corporation

Intersect Software Corporation: “ Iscauthor: {{underconstruction}} Intersect Software Corporation is the creator of CrossPoint, a project management suite that provides a comprehensive platform for centralized planning and management of project portfolios, resources, and processes across the extended enterprise. The company’s mission is to assist product development organizations in: • Ensuring corporate performance objectives are met, […]


Kaospilot: “ Thijs!bot: robot Adding: [[da:KaosPiloterne]], [[no:Kaospilot]], [[pl:Kaospilot]] Kaospilots is a valuebased education that originated in Aarhus, Danmark. Kaospilot is also located in Stockholm Malmoe, Rotterdam and Oslo. It was founded 1991 in Denmark and aims to educate creative outsiders and social entrepreneurs based in their own dreams and ideas. Kaospilots act based on six […]


Wuaala: “ Cobaltbluetony: Reverted edits by [[Special:Contributions/Pharmboy|Pharmboy]] ([[User talk:Pharmboy|talk]]) to last version by Cobaltbluetony ”’Wuaala”’ is a video sharing service that helps content producers to create and deliver Internet TV channels as well as monetize their content with ad revenues. Wuaala provides different distribution and monetization solutions for all kind of content producers, from video […]

IDSi International

IDSi International: “ Excirial: Added {{[[Template:notability|notability]]}}, {{[[Template:uncategorized|uncategorized]]}}, {{[[Template:unreferenced|unreferenced]]}} and {{[[Template:wikify|wikify]]}} tags to article. using [[WP:FRIENDLY|Friendly]] {{notability|Companies|date=October 2008}} {{unreferenced|date=October 2008}} {{wikify|date=October 2008}} IDSi International which stands for Intelligent Decisions Systems Inc. is a software development company which was founded in 1995 in [[Fort Lee, New Jersey]]. IDSi International has 5 offices throughout the world. The companies […]

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