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Flob: “ Blanchardb: Tagging for [[WP:SD|speedy deletion]], [[WP:SD#A1|article provides no context]] ([[WP:HG|HG]]) {{db-a1}} A flob is a drawing of an animated or pixelated avatar that is usually [though not always] a head shot with a ‘speech bubble’ next to it so you could ‘pretend’ like your avatar is the one typing the words. “ (Via […]

Owen Morgan

Owen Morgan: “ HalJor: Requesting speedy deletion ([[WP:CSD#A1|CSD A1]]). ([[WP:TW|TW]]) {{db-nocontext}} Owen Morgan is well known for Flying the Millenium Falcon in the Star Wars movies. This hairy beast was better known by chewbacca and befriended Han Solo. “ (Via Wikipedia – New pages [en].)

Jake rigby

Jake rigby: “ Excirial: A1 {{csd-a1}} ”’Jake Rigby; the ultimate mathematician and secret rent boy”’ Educated in Somerset he has learnt many vital words ‘gurt lush’, ‘all right me lover’ and is a true zommerset boi!!!!!!!!!!! Maths is his life, he’d rather be sat doin maths than anything else oh no i forgot his one […]


Catisus: ” Vivio Testarossa: Requesting speedy deletion ([[WP:CSD#A1|CSD A1]]). using [[WP:TWINKLE|TW]] {{db-nocontext}} a very big brown hog ” (Via Wikipedia – New pages [en].)


Beenlaws101: “ Brewcrewer: Requesting speedy deletion ([[WP:CSD#A1|CSD A1]]). ([[WP:TW|TW]]) {{db-nocontext}} == Been Laws 101 == ”’We are the greates team of wikipedia builders ever to live”’ ”We are Alex Brockbank, Tucker Sanders, and Jacob Brogdon” [http://www. Alex Brockbank’s Facebook] “ (Via Wikipedia – New pages [en].)


Miriyala: “ Waterden: Requesting speedy deletion ([[WP:CSD#A1|CSD A1]]). using [[WP:TWINKLE|TW]] {{db-nocontext}} [[Image:]] Miriyala is a family name, ==External Links== * [ Website for Miriyala] “ (Via Wikipedia – New pages [en].)

Margaret Haughton

Margaret Haughton: “ FlyingToaster: Requesting speedy deletion ([[WP:CSD#A1|CSD A1]]). using [[WP:TWINKLE|TW]] {{db-nocontext}} {{Infobox character | colour = #DERTE2 | colour text = | name = Margaret Haughton | series = | image = | caption = | first = [[March 23]],[[1977]] | last = | cause = | creator = [[Mattel]] | portrayer = | […]

Letter of good standing

Letter of good standing: “ Andyjsmith: Requesting speedy deletion ([[WP:CSD#A1|CSD A1]]). ([[WP:TW|TW]]) {{db-nocontext}} {{spam}} ==[[:Letter of good standing]]== A letter of good standing is used for a state that requires registration. If you are unsure if your state requires you to have a letter of good standing contact the clerk in the county where the […]

Jesskuh paranoia

Jesskuh paranoia: “ Excirial: Requesting speedy deletion ([[WP:CSD#A1|CSD A1]]). using [[WP:TW|TW]] {{db-nocontext}} Jesskuh was born in San Diego, California. She’s most known for her blonde chunk in her hair. “ (Via Wikipedia – New pages [en].)

Daisy Abraham

Daisy Abraham: “ Aserghuil: more detail {{db-nocontext}} {{hangon}} == Birth == Daisy Abraham was born in 2000. She lives in the north island of New Zealand. == Description == Brown hair, brown eyes and slightly tanned skin. == Hobbies == Daisy has a trumpet, enjoys nature and likes playing with her Schleich toys. When she […]

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