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Hispanic Amerindian

Hispanic Amerindian: “ M5891: Categories {{Infobox Ethnic group |group = Hispanic Amerindian<br><small>”hispanoamerindio” |image = [[Image:Geronimo.jpg|81px]][[Image:Victorio.jpg|100px]]<br> |caption = <small>[[Geronimo]]{{•}}[[Victorio]]<br> [[Image:Hispanic Flag.png|22px|Hispanic flag]] {{flagicon|USA}} |poptime =”’Hispanic or Latino Amerindian”'<br>”’346,143 Americans”'<small><br/>0.11% of the U.S. population<ref name=acs2007>U.S. Census Bureau: [ HISPANIC OR LATINO ORIGIN BY RACE – Universe: TOTAL POPULATION]; Data Set: 2007 American Community Survey; Survey: 2007 American […]

Vikebladet Vestposten

Vikebladet Vestposten: “ Pharmboy: cleanup ”’Vikebladet Vestposten”’ is the major local [[newspaper]] of [[Ulstein]] and [[Hareid]] in the northwestern [[Norway]]. ==Ownership== ”’Vikebladet Vestposten”’ is owned by [[Sunnmørsposten]], which again is owned by [[Edda Media]]. The newspaper originally was named Vikebladet. In 1989 however, Vikebladet bought Vestposten, thus becoming Vikebladet Vestposten AS. ==Circulation== The Newspaper is […]

Myitnge River

Myitnge River: “ Wagaung: created article ”’Myitnge River”’ or ”’Dokhtawaddy River”’ is a tributary of [[Ayeyarwady River]] (Irrawaddy) in [[Myanmar]]. It has its source in [[Shan state]] where it is called ”’Namtu River”’ and it flows into the Ayeyarwady near [[Ava|Innwa]]. The name Myitnge in [[Burmese language|Burmese]] and Dokhtawaddy in [[Pali language|Pali]] both mean ‘little […]

Dimitri Daeseleire

Dimitri Daeseleire: “ Zombie433: {{Infobox Football biography | playername = Dimitri Daeseleire | image = | fullname = | dateofbirth = {{Birth date and age|1990|5|18|mf=y}} | cityofbirth = [[Antwerp]] | countryofbirth = [[Belgium]] | height = 169 cm | nickname = | position = left [[Defender]] | currentclub = [[K.R.C. Genk]] | clubnumber = 26 […]

Joseph Aziz

Joseph Aziz: “ Jogurney: +category {{Infobox Football biography | playername = Joseph Aziz | fullname = Joseph Annor Aziz | image = | height = {{height|m=1.75}} | nickname = | dateofbirth = {{birth date and age|1974|01|07|df=y}} | cityofbirth = [[Accra]] | countryofbirth = [[Ghana]] | currentclub = | clubnumber = | position = [[Defender (football)|Defender]] […]

Muhammed Demir

Muhammed Demir: “ Blanchardb: {{notability}} ([[WP:HG|HG]]) {{notability}} {{unreferenced}} ”Muhammed Demir” is a very talented player. He has been scoutet by the english traditionclub, [[West Ham United]]. He plays on the u-21 Turkish national team, and is seen as a futurehope for Turkey. Rumors was saying, that [[West Ham United]] was willing to give 1,000,000£ for […]

Steven A. Katz

Steven A. Katz: “ Pharmboy: imdb ”’Steven Katz”’ is the writer of the original screenplay [[Shadow of the Vampire]]. He was born in St. Louis, Missouri on October 8, 1959 and received a B.A. in English and Art History from Brown University in 1982 and an M.A. in English from Columbia University in 1984. He […]

Baird Peninsula

Baird Peninsula: “ Rosiestep: [[WP:AES|←]]Created page with ””Baird Peninsula”'<ref>{{cite web |url= |title=Baird Peninsula, Canada |accessdate=2…’ ”’Baird Peninsula”'<ref>{{cite web |url= |title=Baird Peninsula, Canada |accessdate=2008-10-01 |last= |first= |coauthors= |date= |work= |}}</ref> is a [[peninsula]] in west central [[Baffin Island]] in the [[Qikiqtaaluk Region]] of [[Nunavut]], [[Canada]]. It juts into the [[Foxe Basin]] past Longstaff Bluff. [[Prince Charles […]

Michael Davidson (singer)

Michael Davidson (singer): “ Funky007: /* Links */ ”’Michael Davidson”’ (born Michael Jay Davidson, [[31 December] [[1969]]) is an American [[singer]] and [[songwriter]]. == Career == Michael Davidson contributed to the [[Madonna (entertainer)|Madonna]] movie [[Who’s That Girl? (1987 film)|Who’s That Girl]] with the track ‘Turn it up’ in ([[1987]]) (produced by [[Stock Aitken Waterman]] and […]

Spiš Castle and its Associated Cultural Monuments

Spiš Castle and its Associated Cultural Monuments: “ Richard Orr: [[WP:AES|←]]Created page with ‘{{Infobox World Heritage Site | WHS = Spiš Castle and its Associated Cultural Monuments | Image = [[Image:Spisska nova ves…castle.jpg|300px]] | Sta…’ {{Infobox World Heritage Site | WHS = Spiš Castle and its Associated Cultural Monuments | Image = [[Image:Spisska nova ves…castle.jpg|300px]] […]

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